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The manner in which trade was regulated never went on well with the Americans. This called for reforms within the system as the natives were restricted on the…
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Exam 2
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"Exam 2"

Download file to see previous pages Restriction on occupying white land was another driver to the revolution agenda. The fact that the colonialists restricted the activities that could be carried out by the people, it was definite that settlement was also unbalanced (Tidal and Shi 77). There were areas restricted to entry and occupation this had to be resisted as it made others feel that they were inferior and sidelined thus triggering resistance that lead to reforms.
The weight of taxation fell on the back of the people. This, however, never performed its task as expected by the people. Thus, the re developed zero tolerance to the high and unfair system of taxation. The government had to model an acceptable taxation system. The end result in this case was reforms that were to benefit the people and relieve them of the unfair governance as had been manifested before.
Debts to the merchants of Europe prompted loyalty prevalence among the two countries. The resultant event that followed was revolution so as to improve terms of relation. There had to be a good government to ensure proper use and settling of the debt. Thus, the government had to set up reforms in the manner that it was called for.
Development of national consciousness throughout due to the advancement in knowledge also leads to the revolution. The people became more aware and concerned about their rights. As a result, they pressed on for issues that they felt were not in order to the positive. This became so massive that reforms were inevitable. The whole system had to do things the right way so that the people could see the benefits associated with every action. The fact that the people became more watchful was a sign of enlighten that played a big role in revolution.
Conflict of class also came in as other people were sidelined. The rich felt that this was not the right way to go, they had to find a way of sharing the powers as such they pushed for the reforms. Revolutionary conspiracy took center ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Exam 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 2.
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