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Thesis Statement: The Great Britain’s human injustices as the North Americans’ colonial masters subjected the natives to untold severity, which prompted the congress and Thomas Jefferson to influence all the 13 states to declare their independence.
The thirteen N. American…
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Declaration Of Indepence
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Declaration of Independence Thesis ment: The Great Britain’s human injustices as the North Americans’ colonial masters subjected the natives to untold severity, which prompted the congress and Thomas Jefferson to influence all the 13 states to declare their independence.
The thirteen N. American states despite for a long time exhibiting the necessary allegiance to their colonial masters, they continually received unjust and undermining treatment. This entailed abuse of human rights where the colonial masters despite colonists’ numerous and constant grievances presented unto them, continued with their brutality. Consequently, the then congress led by Thomas Jefferson resolved to defy the Britain’s orders (Maddern 534). The document comprises 27 injustices, which the Great Britain despite being aware inflicted on the natives, hence depriving them their dignity and using their own blood soldiers to unleash terror on them (Onuf 71). They also called all the 13 states to declare their sovereignty despite the involved cost by informing the colonial masters they were ready to reclaim their dignity, hence the name “Declaration of Independence” (Sabato 73).
North America, which at presently is the United States of America, suffered untold severity subjected to them by Great Britain who by then was their colonial masters (Maddern 535). This entailed depriving them liberty, freedom and dignity. According to the then congress leaders led by Thomas Jefferson, Great Britain under King George III, did not value the rights of their subjects. This is despite receiving numerous grievances concerning what they were undergoing and neglecting them (Sabato 74). The condition worsened when the Great Britain started using American soldiers to unleash brutality against their own people. Hence, dehumanizing the colonists, which to them implied they do not exactly know their privileges (Onuf 71).
“Declaration of Independence” document outlined 27 abuses, which the King George III used to dehumanize the natives (Onuf 71). Primarily these abuses entailed doing things and instituting certain legislation with the absence of the native’s regime consent. King George III interfered with the natives’ form of government and their judicial system (Sabato 72). Together with the parliament, he interfered with the colonies’ regime systems without their consent to the extent of imposing unfair taxes (Sabato 73). This affected severely trade among the states where the levied taxes deprived them their right of trading freely. Consequently, hindering the natives from prospering especially who solely relied on trade. Since, before enforcing their individual legislation, the 13 states’ laws had to be in accordance to the King George III’s directions and demands. Therefore, King George III and his government were unfit and qualified to be ruling the 13 states (Maddern 536). This is because the sole and essential mandate of the government is to protect its citizens, but if it fails, it is not worth of the natives’ respect.
“Declaration of Independence” was a document addressing both the 13 American states and their colonizer regarding how the latter had failed in protecting the natives (Onuf 71). On the contrary, the Great Britain’s King George III inflicted unbearable brutality by interfering with the natives’ systems of government. The then congress led by Thomas Jefferson urged all the 13 states to withhold their allegiance to the British regime, which had deprived them dignity, freedom and liberty (Onuf 71). Additionally, he informed the people to be ready to pay the cost since the oppressor will not give the oppressed what they demanded.
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