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  This essay "Authority and Power: Shihuangdi's Reign" discusses Shihuangdi’s autocratic rule especially on his enemies whom he wanted to bring under his power was similar to other early rulers. Mainly, this technique was to conquer weak territories…
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Authority and Power: Shihuangdis Reign
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 Authority normally changes with one’s position, where the subjects respect and adhere to the person so long they are answerable to him or her. Hence, implying its recognition usually ceases when one abandons the position since the power’s basis is merely from delegation meant to oversee the execution of certain responsibilities. Shihuangdi's reign beside his power, which was inherent in him, he managed to unite China from diverse seven warring regions to a single state prior subdividing it again (O'Neill 27).

Besides, utilizing dictatorship like other rulers, for illustration, Egyptian pharaohs, and Persian rulers, he was exceedingly wise and diligent in all his undertakings. This was evident especially in the way he managed to homogenize the then seven regions into one state by advocating the use of a common currency, writing and devising similar measures of scale (O'Neill 35). Additionally, while still alive, he came with a plan to prepare his magnificent tomb for 36 years by compelling approximately 1,000 builders, which was not comparable with any other ruler of his time (O'Neill 28).

Shihuangdi’s reign, its basis was not on reverent power like other rulers who according to their subjects represented gods in their lands (O'Neill 34). Hence, being the recipient of all the admiration coupled with divine obedience from the natives who used to see them as close to gods. Shihuangdi’s power was charismatic, which he earned by exemplary wisdom and diligence in the manner he executed numerous roles as a king. Besides, Shihuangdi ensuring funeral arrangement ready for his end time, he was also eager to seek immortality, though deeply aware that was impossible (O'Neill 35). This is evident especially in the way he sends trusted people to seek immortality for him in other states but fails to return because of what will befall on them (extermination). Read More
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(Authority and Power: Shihuangdi's Reign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 432 words - 45, n.d.)
Authority and Power: Shihuangdi's Reign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 432 words - 45. Retrieved from
(Authority and Power: Shihuangdi'S Reign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 432 Words - 45)
Authority and Power: Shihuangdi'S Reign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 432 Words - 45.
“Authority and Power: Shihuangdi'S Reign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 432 Words - 45”, n.d.
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