What was the significance of the Lawrence, Massachusetts Strike of 1912 - Essay Example

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It was triggered by a mill owner’s decision to reduce weekly wages. This was after a new law reduced maximum working hours for women and children to fifty six per week. The wage reduction was on top of already inhumane…
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What was the significance of the Lawrence, Massachusetts Strike of 1912
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Extract of sample "What was the significance of the Lawrence, Massachusetts Strike of 1912"

History and Political Science The Lawrence strike occurred in the election year of 1912. It was triggered by a mill owner’s decision to reduce weekly wages. This was after a new law reduced maximum working hours for women and children to fifty six per week. The wage reduction was on top of already inhumane working conditions (Cole 7). This essay will show the significance of the strike.
The strike acted as a consciousness opener to some trade unions and factory owners. A notable result of the strike was that the strikers achieved most of their demands. Their demand list had four items (Watson 9). They stipulated that:
1. The 54 hour working week must be accompanied by a 15% pay rise.
2. The bonus system that demanded to work seven days a week must be eliminated.
3. Working overtime would earn double pay.
4. There would be no action taken against striking workers.
Another impact of the strike is that it proved wrong the theory of conservative trade unions inside the American Federation of Labor. This showed that an immigrant, mostly unskilled female and racially divided workforce could not be organized. It showed women were capable of assuming significant leadership positions in labor.
The strike proved successful because the workers overcame strong odds and their demands were met. The poor living conditions in the residences of the workers were exposed. In fear of a repeat of such strikes and unionization movements, some factories, not only in the textile industry, raised wages. It also gave a new, nonviolent strategy to those wishing to participate in strikes, in future. It serves as a motivation for future workers who may also come to demand better wages, treatment, and benefits (Watson 33).

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