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One of the major differences between American Revolution and French revolution was that American Revolution was aimed at breaking free from the British Empire while the French revolution was a revolt of people of lower status against their own country. Second difference is that…
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History 3a
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United s and the French Revolution One of the major differences between American Revolution and French revolution was that American Revolution was aimed at breaking free from the British Empire while the French revolution was a revolt of people of lower status against their own country. Second difference is that the American Revolution remained the same throughout the revolution, while the demands of French revolutions kept on changing while at the same time becoming more radical. French revolutionaries were executing any person who supported the king while American revolutionaries were not violent to the Brits or even those who supported the monarch. Lastly, another difference between the two revolutions was that American Revolution was against United Kingdom while French revolution focused its attention on French government that was led by King Louis XVI and other different coalitions (Office of Historian, 2012).
One of the major similarities of the revolutions is that both revolutions aimed at overthrowing the legitimate monarchs that were governing the countries. In addition, both revolutions were bloody and a lot of people lost their lives during the revolution. Also both revolutions were agitated by people’s suffering that emanated by poor governance from the previous regimes. Therefore, both revolutions were political and social. Both revolutions gained support from each other. France supported Americans through sending troops and intellectuals such as Marquis De Lafayette while Americans sent Thomas Pain to assist in French revolution (Office of Historian, 2012).
One of the aspects that gave strength to the slave was the African culture and their identity. As a result, masters ensured that they brainwashed the culture of the slaves through giving them new names and banning any form of cultural activities. Some of the cultural activities that slaves used to come together included African music and Saturday night dances which happened in the woods. In addition, the masters prevented the slaves from gathering an aspect that reduced their bond and strength to resist. Some of the ways that slaves used to resist included breaking of their masters equipments, stealing the masters provisions and use of lies in order to evade hard work. Masters set up stiff penalties to ensure that they curb these methods of resisting (Office of Historian, 2012).
Another method that the masters used to prevent slaves from resisting is giving them a lot of workload. This ensured that slaves were always busy an aspect that reduced their free time which could have been used to plan on how to resist. Another form of reducing resistance was to monopolize armed power an aspect that reduces slave’s access to weapons. In addition, masters monitored slaves activities and limited their movement and freedom of expression. Those who tried to evade these measures and run away faced brutal punishment such as public hanging. The American and Europeans argued that they were taking these measures as a way to safeguard their safety (Office of Historian, 2012).
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