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Usually, the degree of association between GDP and political systems must be understood in respect to the differences that have manifest between democratic and autocratic systems. An…
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Comparative Method in Political Science
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Comparative Politics A range of studies have demonstrated a close relationship between GDP and political processes. Usually, the degree of association between GDP and political systems must be understood in respect to the differences that have manifest between democratic and autocratic systems. An understanding of the differences between political systems must be understood in line with the varieties of economic, social, ideological, religious, and cultural distinctions. Some of the reasons that have been adduced for the differences in the political processes generally relate to historical factors and regional influences
Cultural trends and ideologies differences have also been cited as determining factors behind the association between GDP and democratic processes. The differences between democratic processes and authoritarian systems may relate to the inherent factors of organization, heritage and nature. According to some theoretical perspectives, the level of political participation is regulated by n interplay between external and internal processes, which in turn affects the nature of politics as they occur in different places. Discourses of the public sphere have emerged to affect the manner in which politics differ from one place to another or from one country to another.
Some of the propositions that have been put forward to explain the relationship between GDP and politics are consistent with the modernization theory. Generally, the level of growth of GDP is considered to be a significant indicator of the relationship that happens between one country and another. Political processes are necessarily linked to economic systems and the cultural life of a people. In democratic processes, the system of governance is usually based on the tastes and preferences of the people. The citizenry determine the manner in which they want to be governed.
Usually, the nature of politics will ultimately determine the level of economic development of any given country. The political environment is one of the major factors that determine the kind of economic activities in the country. It might be argued that political processes are naturally related to some of the issues that affect development processes. Politics forms the superstructure on which the systems of development are necessarily determined. In line with this kind of thinking, it might be argued that democratic processes are more likely to supply appropriate synergies for development that autocratic regimes. Indeed, studies have indicated that countries that allow sufficient democratic space for the people are more likely to experience economic growth and higher levels of the growth of GDP than countries that systematically suppress and restrict the freedoms of the citizenry. On this score, it would seem that the development aspect of societies is significantly related to the nature of environments in which the development takes place.
Examples of democratic processes such as the United States, Britain and German have manifested high levels of growth in their GDP than countries such as North Korea, which are largely suppressive in aspect. However some countries fall outside this general characteristic, China is one of the countries that is known for curtailing the freedom of the people and the systematic suppression of all forms of democratic systems. However, the country has demonstrated high levels of economic growth. This would imply that other factors such as technological advancements and the cost of labour affect the levels of growth. However, it might be concluded that there is a string association between GDP and the nature of political practice.
Kesselman, M., Krieger, J. & Joseph, W., A. (2012). Introduction to Comparative Politics. London: Cengage Learning. Read More
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Comparative Method in Political Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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