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Contrary to its prior rare approach, feminism received a serious establishment. Most scholars started to undertake the approach of feminism as a…
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Methods in IR
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Download file to see previous pages minist methodology in international relations research have had low progress, in the past, its inclusion in international relations research was of plausible significance. Power relations are dependent on diverse perspectives including feminist research methods. Feminist methodologies are significant in determining the ontology and epistemology of critical social thinking. This research seeks to address the extent to which Selimovic et al (2012) applie the question of feminist methodology in their research. How does Selimovic et al (2012) use feminist methodology to depict the skills of critical social scientific reasoning in their research?
Social research plays a vital and central role in improving the academic field of political science. Research is an academic investigation in a field of knowledge of a researcher’s interest. A research aims at creating a solution to the identified hypothesis. The validity of a hypothesis formulated in the field of international relations is verifiable using qualitative research. It involves a through, comprehensive and structured inquiry using qualitative research methods. The integration of the diverse research methods is of valuable importance in conducting social research. International relations topics are among the diverse social research topics in political research. A well-conducted research in international relations applies impartial reasoning skills, based on premises use research methods. Selimovic et al (2012) use valid qualitative research methods to address the role of women in instilling peace in countries and regions experiencing war and violence.
The development of the academic discipline in international relations started notably after the Second World War. Most countries adopted initiatives to enhance the development of research in international relations. America was among the countries that contributed highly in the development of research in international relations after the end of the war (Jackson ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Methods in IR Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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