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I think that the components in question promoted harsh and intolerable attitudes amongst the people towards offending beliefs (Foner…
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A Short Diary of our History
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Download file to see previous pages The defining event in the 19th Century of American history was the expansion of westward. In other words, it was not the simple story of “Empire of Liberty”. I am of the view that cited expansion in 60 years after the purchase of Louisiana in fact destroyed the Republic earlier than it was expected (Foner 63).
After one hundred and fifty years of civil war, number of Americans blamed civil war of slavery. It did not necessarily mean to target specific segment of the society. The civil war provided American people a chance to face slavery as an issue boldly (Foner). In my own view, slavery around the globe in general and specifically in the modern world raised many eyebrows about the norms of a civilized society. This reminds me the era of free trading of slaves in the Roman Empire, which was at that time considered a civilized nation amongst the comity of nation.
The Industrial Revolution, which spread over fifty years, played a key role toward economic my development. I consider it a great change in terms of conversion of hand knitted production to machine made production in the factory premises. The spinning and weaving machines, which were operated through the power of water switched over to steam power. This really helped me in boosting industrial growth. Further, there can be no difference of opinion amongst the architects of American economy that it has changed the American society and economy revolutionarily (Foner 107).
Apart from other economies involved in the First World War, the war in question proved blessings in disguise for me and the American people in terms of rapid growth of their economy. I can say that mentioned War increased many opportunities of employment, remuneration for us besides handsome profits to the indigenous industry. Out of this war, America becomes the great power of the world as well as the most favored credit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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