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The main idea of the essay is while the majority of countries determine their roles in wars through their governing power and military forces, the United States, have to take into consideration its democratic stance and the views of everybody in the country…
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Determination the Role of the US in War
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America First War is a crisis that most countries find to be unavoidable. Each country has its enemies, as well as various radical groups that may not agree with every belief or practice that the country stands for. As such, war becomes a way of life. The circumstances always vary when a country involves itself in war. Sometimes they are the target and they must defend themselves, or they are called in as allies to help other countries who are at war. While the majority of countries determine their roles in wars through their governing power and military forces, other countries, such as the United States, have to take into consideration its democratic stance and the views of everybody in the country.
It tends to be forgotten that war effects all people in a nation. Not just the soldiers who fight on the front lines or their families who must deal with their absences and deaths, but everyone living within that nation. In his speech, Charles Lindberg declared the importance of listening to the nation as a whole as it is the whole nation who is subjected to war and not just a few individuals. This opinion has altered the way that war is viewed. Instead of war being an act of simple revenge, fighting regardless of the outcome, war has become a game that we, as players on the same team, must win. To successfully win, we have to remember the entirety of our nation when we consider starting or entering war.
The position of the United States in war has led to a vital development in society, one in which every person’s opinions, through voting, are taken to heart and the majority wins. As Lindberg stated, “There is no better way to give comfort to an enemy than to divide the people of a nation over the issue of foreign war.”1 When a nation finds itself in its own battle with citizen pinned against citizen, they are only making themselves easier targets for their enemies. Should they enter a war with their own drama, they stand no chance at winning. When Lindberg gave his speech, he was providing the United States with one of the most effective methods of success that this nation can have when subjected to war: unity. This is why America boasts of its democracy, and it shows especially during times of war. Separated, we leave gaps in our defenses, which makes it easier to bring us down. Yet when our great nation stands as one, no enemy stands a chance. Read More
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