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The three documentary videos inspect key constitutional concepts. The first video enlightens why the leader of the nation created the…
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Key Constitutional Concepts
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Key Constitutional Concepts Summary The video documentary starts by presenting the Constitution and the reason why it became necessary to have aconstitution in the first place. The three documentary videos inspect key constitutional concepts. The first video enlightens why the leader of the nation created the Constitution. In the second video, the documentary talks about the protecting individual rights by emphasizing the Supreme Court case of Gideon v. Wainwright. This case affirmed the right to an attorney. Finally, the last video discusses power separation by inspecting the Supreme Court case of Youngstown v. Sawyer. This case is significant as it challenged President Trumans decision to take possession of the steel mills during the Korean War.
I choose this particular Part Two: an Expanding People, Unit No. 10, Shaping America in the Antebellum Age, Chapter: Reforming Society, page 346, because the changing, industrialization of the US during 1830s invoked a ‘Second Great Awakening’. This awakening enveloped religious as well as secular social-reform movements and touched sensitive issues like womens rights to utopianism and temperance, Abolitionism and transcendentalism. However extensively contrasting beliefs and strategies, all of such movements shared a belief in the person an individual as the source of redemption and a yearning to rise to perfection as an individual as well as at society level. Similar attention on the importance of an individual may be observed in the movements of Andrew Jackson, who masked himself in the oratory of a "common man." While he was president, Jackson, faced many crisis but stood fast and repealed the charter of the Second Bank of the United States, an event that brought the panic of 1837 couples with a seven-year depression
In my opinion, the way everything unfolded, there couldn’t have been a better way. Yes, there were civil wars but that is part of the process. All of the bloodshed is an integral part of power transition. Right after the declaration of independence was signed, people knew that change has come and it’s their job to implement it in their lives. That was the demise of monarchy and kingdoms and the rise of democracy.
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Key Constitutional Concepts Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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