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One page Critique for someone research paper - Assignment Example

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The Haqqani network is designated, as the most dangerous and powerful threat to the US presence in Afghanistan, due to its coordination with Pakistani military covert forces and Taliban. This organization is capable of conducting large scale terrorist attacks in Afghanistan…
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One page Critique assignment for someone research paper
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Extract of sample "One page Critique for someone research paper"

The Haqqani Network and Pakistan The Haqqani network is designated, as the most dangerous and powerful threat to the US presence in Afghanistan, due to its coordination with Pakistani military covert forces and Taliban. This organization is capable of conducting large scale terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. This network demonstrated this capability by attempted murder of Afghan President in May 2012. This group is also maintaining its separate identity from Taliban, but managing firm relations with them. (Gopal).
The leading individual of this condemned organization is Jalaluddin Haqqani, who played an active role, while fighting and defeating Soviet Union in historical Afghan war in 1980s. During this war, Haqqani was an important part of Taliban, but soon after he came up as a different entity (Gopal).
This article provides the focused overview of the Haqqani Network, with supporting its arguments with the statements of American officials, which makes them acceptable for the world community. However this effort lacks in the level of empirical field research. As the international society knows, that the Americans are found falsifying the facts in the past, makes the research under study less credible, as it is based upon information volunteered by US government. At the same time writer does not provide fact based analysis of Pak Haqqani collaboration. So it is safe to conclude, that, the arguments developed in this paper are mere allegations without concrete proof.
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Gopal, A. 6 Jan. 2009. 28 Jul. 2012 . Read More
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