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Reflective what your political beliefs are - Essay Example

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Political ideologies and philosophies are typically envisaged as expressions of people’s observations of the relationship of human being and the nation. By looking around the political arena and views, I cannot identify the best form of government that would be effective…
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Reflective essay what your political beliefs are
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"Reflective what your political beliefs are"

Download file to see previous pages 5). Arguably, America is politically polarized.
Russell (2001) defines conservatism as a political philosophy that agitates for retention of traditional institutions and supports minimal and gradual change in the society (p. 24). Debatably, conservatives try to find and preserve things as they are, emphasizing on constancy and stability. Most of the conservatives seek ways on how to return things the way they were. To them, modernism is the cause of today’s problems. Conservatives believe that modernism has caused the degradation of the environment, erosion of cultures among nations and societies and the heavy tax burden inflicted on the citizens by the government.
In reference to Russell (2001), conservatism has different forms. Fiscal conservatism refers to an economic ideology of prudence in government expenditure and liability (p.55). Russell (2001) argues that the government does not have the authority to accumulate large debts and then throw the burden on the taxpayer (p. 56). The prevailing economic condition is extremely tough, and the government has increased its spending and the burden thrown to the citizens. I have seen people within the neighborhood resulting to unemployment because the government income taxes are exceptionally high. This is downright discouraging.
Though many people have turned to modernism, it has had a significant effect on the environment. Everyday companies are set up and continuously continue to degrade the environment due to increased emissions to the atmosphere. In reference to Russell (2001), conservatives have incorporated environmental concern in their ideology (p. 76). Conservatism is concerned about the environment. Conservatives seek to preserve the environment and the natural resources (Russell, 2001, p. 78). In addition, conservatives seek to protect human kind. The environment is drastically changing due to the effects of global warming. I recently noticed that Temperatures have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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