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Final-44 - Essay Example

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Manifest Destiny was the emotional upsurge within the Americans to expand their territorial land during the decades of 1840’s and 1850’s as they believed that by decree they had to extend their reign over the entire continent including the South American region. It all…
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Why Annexing Texas And Southwest Territories Were Important To Achieving Manifest Destiny? Manifest Destiny was the emotional upsurge within the Americans to expand their territorial land during the decades of 1840’s and 1850’s as they believed that by decree they had to extend their reign over the entire continent including the South American region. It all started with the acquisition of Louisiana State from France in the year 1803. Then, following this trend, Florida and the Old Southwest that comprised of the southern strip of Mississippi and Alabama were acquired in the year 1819 through the Adams-Onís Treaty with Spain. After which, the annexation of Texas took place in 1845 when the white settlers fought for freedom from Mexico and petitioned the newly formed Republic of Texas for the Union for statehood. Then the western border between the US and the Canada was agreed to be situated at 49o of north latitude. Later, US won the Mexican war in 1848 and thereby conquered California and New Mexico through the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty. Afterwards, by the Gadsden Purchase, the southern Arizona was taken in 1853 from Mexico1. Thus, by the 1853 agreement, the US achieved the Manifest Destiny that constitutes the contiguous states.
Annexing Texas was so important that the Manifest Destiny could have ended without it. Texas was neither part of US nor an independent state since 1836 as Mexico did not affirm Texas’s independence and also, they threatened America of war in case of providing any assistance to Texas. Thus, Texas had to acquire help from other countries in order to pay for their military expenses. Subsequently, Texas signed treaties with France, Belgium and Holland in 1839 and 1840. Moreover, the Great Britain was also looking forward to Texas so as to control or acquire the United States. Hence, the US annexed Texas so that the foreign powers can be inhibited from harming America. Annexation of Texas led to the war with Mexico that further brought additional territory under US control2 as discussed above. Americans settled the great western frontier after crossing the Mississippi River. A massive westward movement evolved after the discovery of gold in California. The annexation of the southwest territories played a significant role in the expansion of US without which the Manifest Destiny was unachievable since this annexation resulted in to an inchoate union of the conflict territories in to a successful democracy stretching throughout a continent full of fertile land, natural resources and waterways. Read More
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