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The following paper under the title 'Feeding America' focuses on America which has always been associated with bounty and economic prosperity, and opportunities for the inhabitants of the great land. The statistics released on hunger were, however, overwhelming…
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Feeding America
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This is significantly above the figure of Americans who go hungry daily. This shows the irony that underlines the food situation in America.
Hunger is mostly associated with poverty. It is, therefore, natural that one should expect that the groups that are affected by hunger are the low class and the homeless, generally the social classes that belong to the low-income categories. This is, nevertheless, not the scenario as highlighted in the video Food For Thought, which shows the shocking reality that the middle class is adversely affected by hunger. Statistics support this with America recording 3.5 million homeless individuals. This number is significantly low as compared to the mammoth number of 35 million who are affected by the hunger issue. Though the number of middle-income individuals who suffer from hunger is not as large as that of the lower social classes, they make up a significant number of the number of the affected population. The reason cited from the problem is loss of income through unemployment, which jeopardizes individuals’ ability to access food (Donavan and Mash, p1).
It is, therefore, imperative that America takes measures to curb this dire situation. This will involve putting measures in place that will reduce food wastage. Initiatives should also be put in place to distribute food and to empower individuals economically hence curbing hunger. Read More
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