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French colonialism in Tunisia why did the french want to colonize Tunisia - Research Paper Example

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As a country, Tunisia has had an eventful history, comprised mainly of subjugation by powerful nations. Among the many powers that had subjugated Tunisia include: Phoenicians, Romans, the Ottoman Turks and finally the…
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French colonialism in Tunisia why did the french want to colonize Tunisia
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Extract of sample "French colonialism in Tunisia why did the french want to colonize Tunisia"

Download file to see previous pages After the exit of the Ottoman Turks from Tunisia, major European powers were involved in a contest as to who would occupy the North African country. The French had to surpass two other European powers, in order for the former to establish its control over Tunisia. Both the British, Italians lost to the French in the occupation and gradual colonization of Tunisia. Accordingly, this essay will seek to establish the factors that led to the French occupation and colonization of Tunisia. Among the possible reasons for the French interest in Tunisia could be economic gain. At the time France was colonizing Tunisia, the latter was in a serious financial predicament, owing to numerous European debts2. Did France stand to gain economically by colonizing a financially weak country? On the other hand, Algeria, already a French protectorate and its proximity to Tunisia was of significance to the French colonists3. We shall also consider that maybe the French wanted to colonize Tunisia so as to impose French culture on the Muslim-dominated country. A final factor that could have motivated France to colonize Tunisia would be the need for the former to re-establish itself as a key power in global politics. The only way for France to achieve this imperialism would be through amassing as many colonies as possible.
The topic on the French colonization of Tunisia is very intriguing. This is based on the fact that Tunisia is a country that borders the Sahara desert, the largest dessert in the world4. The leaves one wondering what could be so appealing about Tunisia, in order for it to be a centre of interest for three European powers. Particularly, why would France, a country recovering from major losses in Europe such its crush in the Franco-Prussian war want to colonize a country in economic crisis? France was willing to forego its interests in Cyprus to the British, in exchange ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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