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War is one of the negative occurrences, which should be avoided using any means necessary. The 1945 Hiroshima bombings have had severe effects to date with side effects realized. One of such side effects is Leukemia a critical condition dangerous to the health of an individual. Studies show that children born 10 years from the time the nuclear bombs exploded develop, leukemia at the age of 35…
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Hiroshima bombings
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Review of current event article Task Review of current event article War is one of the negative occurrences, which should be avoided using any means necessary. The 1945 Hiroshima bombings have had severe effects to date with side effects realized. One of such side effects is Leukemia a critical condition dangerous to the health of an individual. Studies show that children born 10 years from the time the nuclear bombs exploded develop, leukemia at the age of 35 (Kyodo 2012).
As much as, studies carried out by both experts from Japan and the US does not find relationship linking parents of the affected children to the bombings, the numbers have been gradually growing according to Nanao Kamada, a blood disease expert. Kamada in addition, asserted to his study that in the 26 people from the second generation (hibakusha) he examined, leukemia got tested in them, at the age of 35. This is a worrying trend as only specific generation exhibit the distinguishing trait at 35 years. This is according to a data, which record 94% of the Hibakusha to be developing Leukemia at 35. The records were from the analysis made in which a total of 119, 331 second generation Hibakusha got diagnosed in Hiroshima Prefecture between 1946 and 1973. With this information at hand, Kamada further declared that out of the 63,117 children born within the ten years of the bombing 49 have leukemia (Kyodo 2012).
In conclusion, Leukemia is a very serious condition, which should be tested and treated at an early age. It is, therefore, necessary that serious studies get carried out to determine the severity of the Hiroshima bombings, a factor, which can help in coming up with the best remedy.
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Kyodo. (Monday, June 4, 2012). The Japan Times. More developed leukemia if both parents exposed to A-bomb. Web. 5th June. 2012. Retrieved from Read More
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