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The plan to Reactivate Oi reactors has brought several reactions from various stakeholders including different head of governments. Kansai government for instance, gave a green light for the reactivation by proposing through their head of union, to accept any decision. …
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The plan to Reactivate Oi reactors
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The plan to Reactivate Oi reactors has brought several reactions from various stakeholders including different head of governments. Kansai government for instance, gave a green light for the reactivation by proposing through their head of union, to accept any decision. This is an issue, which came up in the meeting held in Tokyo involving the Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda, industry Minister Yukio Edano, Nuclear Accident Minister Goshi Hosono and Chief of cabinet Secretary Osamu Fijimura (Tottori 2012).
The meeting ironed out speculations and fears manifested by antinuclear demonstrations, proving the safety of the project. The measures to be taken according to the meeting resolutions include, surveillance systems provided by KEPCO to ensure secure operations and timely assessments to validate its safety (Tottori 2012).
The decision, however, got criticism from Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto as to the reason of restarting the reactors before the introduction of new regulatory urgency. In countering this, minister Hosono said the move got delayed by opposition leaders and therefore reactivating the plants were only temporary measures (Tottori 2012). In addition, he reassured and tried restoring people’s confidence, saying in case of emergency measures are in place to ensure prompt actions in time.
As much as there are 50 usable reactors, which are not functional and pose a crisis of energy, Precautionary measures ought to be in place to ensure a repeat of the previous accidents is not felt. Earthquakes and Tsunami are natural phenomena whose predictions are not accurate. In addition avoiding them becomes difficult as they come with varied magnitude (Tottori 2012). In my view, reactivation of Oi plants is still risky considering a new regulatory agency is not in place. Moreover, the country is susceptible to earthquake and Tsunamis a factor which can endanger the lives of many people if the plants are reactivated.
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Tottori, Kyodo. The Japan Times. Kansai governors: Oi reactors restart is state's call. Thursday, May 31, 2012. Web 1stjune. 2012. Retrieved from Read More
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The Plan to Reactivate Oi Reactors Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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