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Most of the film producers becloud history in movies to attract attention and make the movie more appealing. This is a redundant pattern in the film industry among producers. This aims at furnishing more stage show to the…
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Respond to classmates
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History and Political Science Reviewing the Past: Blog Comment Most of the historical movies lack historical accuracy. Most of the film producers becloud history in movies to attract attention and make the movie more appealing. This is a redundant pattern in the film industry among producers. This aims at furnishing more stage show to the historical event. Preparing a historically accurate film will require calculations and evaluations. A historically accurate film requires legitimacy, a significant portrayal and no additional innovations. According to the blog, there are various historical inaccuracies evident in ‘Titanic’, ‘Saving Private Ryan’, ‘Cinderella Man’, and ‘Chicago’ and ‘There will be Blood’ films. There are various innovations that appease the audience for the benefit of the production crew. According to the various comments in the blog, historical inaccuracies can pose a threat or be harmless to understanding the past historical events. According to Champions comment, the inaccuracies depicted in a film helps an individual research deeper to know the exact historical facts. It is true that a majority of audiences are less concerned about the historical inaccuracies in movies and are too busy to recognize them. I believe inaccuracies in the ‘Titanic’ movie posed a threat to history comprehension. I disagree with Williams and Elliot. The two lovers, Jack Dawson and Rose Bukater, were not there in the original RMS passenger ship. This was an ideology brought to spice up the film.
From the various comments in the blog, history shapes the present views of individuals. Though Champion asserts that understanding the present depends on how an individual will synthesize the historical information depicted in the film, historical inaccuracies hurt comprehension of the present. According to Williams, historical inaccuracies make a point about America and Americans. Films motivate groups and portray the general prevailing events in the world. Historical facts in films show comparisons between two historical times. The traits portrayed in a historically accurate film will immensely help in shaping the present day characters of people. For example, Williams asserts that most of the films produced during the period before mid 1900’s portrayed Americans as Hardworking and enduring people. Misrepresentation of this in a film will affect the way people will portray and see the present day America.
As I read through the comments in the blog, I realized that I had not thought that historical inaccuracies can help in building comprehension of historical facts. Most of the facts presented in the films are exaggerations by the producers aimed at entertaining the audience. Champion suggests that historical inaccuracies present the audience with the challenge to research deeper about the chronological event. This helps individuals to connect with what the film presented and the real facts. We should not only enjoy the film but also try to understand and evaluate the facts presented. On the other hand, historical inaccuracies can only be beneficial in understanding the past only if the person is keen enough to research for more details in regard to the events that happened. According to Elliot, the historical inaccuracies are should make understand the historical facts that happened during that period. Read More
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