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The Conservative Party was the fore runner of the former where it saw it’s securing in the government in the years between 1783 and 1830…
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To what extent are there differences between the Tories and New Labour Discuss
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Download file to see previous pages They believed in divine right and in traditional hereditary system. They also were also strong supporters of the Anglican Church being against the Catholics which served to bring the reign of King James II to an end since he pushed the country to Catholism. They also were against scientific advances claiming that they pushed people away from the church. They were not in support of change
The New Labor or Labor Party came into formation in 1900 by a group of working people who felt that the Tory Government ignored them and thus was born under the name Labor Representation Committee. However it did not take root until the 1920s and 1930 they occupied most of the seats in the government. It served to improve the lives of the minority on the principles of equality within the society. They were supporters of change and believed that the country’s resources belonged to everyone. The party pledged to deal with issues like poverty, unemployment, diseases and ignorance in the country. Labor Party put their focus on economic and social factors with the advocating of social liberation achieved by the legalization of social vices like divorce and separation, homosexuality and the stopping of capital punishments. With 1the name change to New Labor, the party was taken over by a new leader, Tony Blair, the youngest leader the party had ever had. He was elected Labor Prime Minister for three terms.2
One of the differences between the two parties is the capitalism verses socialism. The Conservatives Party had more of capitalist ideologies while the Labor Party had the communist one. Communists relied on the market to allocate capital to different socially owned enterprises where we see Tony Blair actually relying on the business men to be in charge of the economic policies. The Conservative Party on the other had relied on markets to determine investments, production and distribution decisions. Leaders like Margaret Thatcher who were conservative in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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