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In The Republic and the The Laws (1690), Cicero points a positive picture of people and nature. This paper brings out the arguments of three philosophers including Cicero, Locke…
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Final exam paper two part
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Download file to see previous pages According to Cicero 3 all human beings are the same. We all have the urge to be together. We cannot live in isolation and that we come together in communities from a desire to be together both for fulfillment of our nature as social beings and for company. As Aristotle has said, “man is social being”. He argues that nature has endowed humans with reason so that we can understand the natural urge and guide our actions in order for us to live together. For Cicero, not only are all humans one species, but also all communities with “an innate desires on the part of human beings to form communities.” He agrees with Aristotle that humans are political or social animals. But that nature has given to mankind “… a compulsion to do good and … a desire to defend the well being of the community…” (Marcus 4). What this means is that as human beings we have constructive toward each other and are urged by nature to seek the well being not just of themselves but of the whole community. The opposite of this is selfishness and for Cicero this is acting against human nature. Cicero even marvels at the power of human reason. “Reason in fact … the one thing in which we are superior to the beast which enables us to make valid deductions, to argue, refute, debate, solve problems, draw conclusion … that certainly is common to all of us (John 4). It is this common reason that allows each individual to examine nature and come to understand what nature urges him or her to do. This is his basis for universal understanding of the institution, it is better to live with other people. He takes a stand that Law is the highest reason, implanted in nature, which prescribes those things which ought to be done and forbids the contrary (John 10). For Cicero, “The highest reason inherent in nature which enjoins what out to be done and forbids that opposite” Living by this natural law ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Final Exam Paper Two Part Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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