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Analyzing and identifying news paper articles - Essay Example

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nuclear forces could save $35 billion over 10 years’, he give the insight of how the American government can save money by mot prioritizing the development of some of their arsenal upgrade plans. He urges that the cut…
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Analyzing and identifying news paper articles
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Extract of sample "Analyzing and identifying news paper articles"

Analyzing and Identifying News Paper Articles Michael OHanlon his publication ‘Sensible cuts in U.S. nuclear forces could save $35 billion over 10 years’, he give the insight of how the American government can save money by mot prioritizing the development of some of their arsenal upgrade plans. He urges that the cut imposed on the development of nuclear will have no effect in the American defense system and thus it is prudent it considers not committing the large sums of money in what could be considered arm race for no apparent reason. The writer has an issue with huge spending in the country defense and proposes a cut of $400 billion on defense that should spread for a decade (OHanlon 5). The write considers it unfortunate that the Obama’s administration has conceived the proposal from the republican senate to elevate the spending regarding the nuclear plants. The author is critical of this and considers it overtly a wrong policy.
The author recognizes that America needs a well strategic defense plan that commensurate that of the Russian-along time political enemy that traces back to the onset of the cold war, with this, he is quick to note that is not in preparation to go to war with the communist republic but to ensure that the country is put under constant checks not to keep frustrating the neighbors because of her sophisticated nuclear weapons. The author has considered that much spending that geared on defense is unnecessary and can be better directed in some other policies since the defense that the American has mounted is sufficient to cushion the American from any external aggression.
In support of his recommendations, the author has cited several reasons why his view is important. He cites that America have the plans to from 2013 institutionalize a nuclear weapon that is rather simple, safer, reliable and would not require testing (OHanlon 8). On the other hand, he says that to construct such a nuclear plant that do not require testing needs a lot of money and that it will be overwhelming to manage the exercise. Amongst the current programs that the writer considers not necessary in mounting defense in the US are the upgrades in California and Alaska regarding the ground-based strategy (OHanlon 6). This includes the concurrent construction of the sea-based as well as the land-based which are considered theater system of defense. This is also coupled with other two land-based defense system dubbed short-range defense. The author then records that the latter programs can be cancelled and the defense system will not be compromised at all.
The strategic development of the defense weapons by the America in the contemporary global awareness will not only consume much of the American income but will also create a sense of insecurity in the world. This is reminiscence of what led to the outbreak of the out breaks of the First World War and the lasting cold war. In the period before the First World War, countries engaged in what came to be known as arm race, this acted as the catalyst for the world war as the countries opted for war even in the slightest level of provocation. The same was witnessed in the cold war period where countries were suspicious of the one another of developing weapons of mass destruction. The development of serious weapons to this magnitude is always interpreted as preparation for a confrontation.
In the humanitarian aid for rape victims publication, the author is concerned about president Obama rescinding on the ‘global gag rule’ which restricts the compensation of the victims of rape who opt to abort. The law initially stated unequivocally that there is no compensation of for the victims of abortion from the federal source. This has since been lifted by the Obama’s administration. This policy is loosely hanging and has no backing from the law; it was just a modification of the Helms policy which came into the public limelight in 1973. It restricted the utilization of the foreign aid to facilitate abortion as a way of effecting family planning or as a motivation for others to practice abortion on grounds of compensation.
The article clarifies that in the event of rape to women and girls, there should be the pursuance of medical treatment, abortion included and that this can not be perceived as a way of doing a family planning. The helms policy was later formalize in 2008 and adopted henceforth. The call to revise the helms policy was a concerted effort of the human right activist and the NGOs with regard to the rape victims. This was because the article considered together with the Geneva convention, then it violated the conventions article 3 which provides for the victims of rape to access undiscriminatory medical care of which abortion is within the clause. The revision of the Helms policy is expected to pose a challenge to Obama’s administration by the antiabortion factions.
Work Cited
OHanlon, Michael. "To save money, look to nukes." Sensible cuts in U.S. nuclear forces could save $35 billion over 10 years. (November 16, 2011). Print. Read More
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