Homelessness: a choice or bad luck - Essay Example

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It might also culminate from the fact that one lacks a resting place or a place to act as his source of shelter. Homes provide many services to people. They protect people from the dangers of the public,…
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Homelessness: a choice or bad luck
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"Homelessness: a choice or bad luck"

Download file to see previous pages Homes are therefore a basic necessity. According to Abraham Maslow’s on the hierarchy of needs, the home or shelter is a basic necessity for every individual. It is on this basis that no one is supposed to be homeless (Stearman 23).
People should place more emphasize on sourcing and accessing decent homecare or decent living. According to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, human needs are endless; they are limitless and are recurring in nature. Human beings are never satisfied at the level of need they are in, they aim at rising the ranks from merely attaining the basic need level, to attaining the self-actualization level. Human beings feel more important, they value themselves, they feel more actualized when they reach the level of self-actualization. He further argued that one can never attain any ranking or level without going through the hierarchy. They have to raise the ranks from the basic or shelter level, to the security level and finally to the self-actualization level. For one to cross one level and reach the other they have to fulfill all the necessities at every level (Maslow 35).
Homes or shelter is the basic fundamental requirement of all human beings. They have to source decent home care in order to meet the basic requirement levels. The question of whether homelessness is a choice or bad luck could be addressed from the angle that all individuals all over the world are entitled to a good living. Decent could be looked at as a comfortable homestead with the adequate requirements to facilitate the comfortable living conditions of the particular inhabitants (Randall 28).
Homelessness could be a matter of choice. This is debatable and looked at from the angle of the careless individuals. Society has within its setting some careless individuals, those who get jobs but work carelessly. In the long run, these translate to joblessness. A state of joblessness would force one to lack measures of effectively paying his or her bills; by this, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...?Homelessness Watson (1986) claims that there is little consensus among policy makers, researchers, local ities and voluntary housing organizations as to the definition of homelessness. Johnston et al (2004) define homelessness as the absence of a place where one can sleep and receive mail. However, other researchers believe homelessness is much more complex and difficult to define. For example, Chamberlain and Mackenzie (1992) claim that there is also ‘secondary homelessness’ in which people reside in temporary accommodation such as emergency and refuge facilities. They also claim that there is ‘tertiary homelessness’, which refers to...
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...the housing but also the support system should be capable enough to keep them in a better position in their homes even if it is temporary. With the housing facilities, it is possible that the further homelessness can be averted and the number of people who seek public shelters can be minimized (Martha, 2001). Conclusion: This is a fact that a huge number of people are getting homeless each day. This is not only having bad impacts on the overall image of the society but it also shows the declining life standards of the people which is very threatening for the progress of a particular society. Homelessness is also badly affecting the overall social fabric. Environment is...
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...Homelessness Introduction Sociology is the study of human culture, communal group and communal interactions of people of different ethnicities, races and religions (Taylor 22). As people interact, they happen to share some common values and behaviours. This interaction may lead to disagreement due to diverse perceptions on how to attend things and when they should be done among others. These disagreements led to the introduction of theories, which try to elucidate why people in a certain society may be in a state of conflict. Some of them are: Symbolic Interaction theory Symbolic interaction theory can be termed as micro-sociology since it reflects the direct (face-to-face) interaction in the society (Andersen and Taylor...
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...Homelessness as a Social Problem Homelessness is a social problem which is associated with numerous social problems. The challenges that the homeless people face in the society are mostly caused by illnesses due to poor housing facilities or coldness and overcrowding. Reports indicate that contagious and respiratory diseases have been rampant among the homeless people. Moreover, due to poor living conditions, homeless people suffer from other types of diseases caused by poor hygiene. Homelessness as a problem is however not a naturally occurring phenomenon. Although poverty has been cited as the major cause of...
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...Support for the Homeless There is rampant increase in homeless people living in the world. We can categorize homelessness into absolute homelessness and relative homelessness. While absolute homelessness refers to people living on the streets with no physical shelter, while relative homelessness refers to people living in spaces that do not meet basic health and safety standards (Hargrave Web). As such, homelessness denotes a condition where people live without a regular dwelling, are unable to acquire and maintain adequate nighttime residence, regular, safe, and adequate housing. These people include those who live in sub-standard housing or in overcrowded or undesirable conditions, persons who sleep in a public or private place... not...
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...becomes obvious when we study policy choices. These systemic issues raise boundaries making it very difficult for any one individual to live on their own. “Racial divides still occur in the areas of healthcare, education, access to mortgages, access to equal paying jobs among many others. The constant bombardment of racial messages takes root in the social consciousness. This ethos becomes obvious when we study policy choices. Embedded in subconscious, these systemic issues raise boundaries making it very difficult for any one individual to overcome on their own.” In addition, Natural Disasters also contribute to homelessness problem. For instance, the Great Chicago Fire, The San...
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...Homelessness The issue of homelessness has been a problem that has affected several countries in the world to the modern times. The United Nations has defined it as lack of shelter for a household (United Nations 1). Families facing homelessness have been forced to live in streets, camps while others seek asylum in other countries as refugees. Housing problems have been a breeding ground for slums and other informal settlements. In the developing countries, the problem is very severe where a good number of city and town dwellers live in shanties. Lack of regular dwellings promotes poverty, and insecurity (Shelter 1). Governments as well as organizations have tried in combating the issue...
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...Homelessness Contents Introduction 3 The issue and causes behind it 3 Consequence of homelessness 4 Homelessness and Functionalism 7 Remedy 8 Works Cited 10 Introduction The idea of homelessness is not an effortlessly characterized term. While the normal individual comprehends the essential thought of vagrancy, analysts in the sociological field have connected conflicting definitions to the idea of homelessness, justifiably so as the thought includes a measurement more exhaustive than a peculiar meaning of a single person without living arrangement. Homelessness embodies a continuum running from the nonappearance of a changeless safe...
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...Problem at hand: The increasing visibility of the vagrants is negative impact on outlook of the community and thereby distracting the investors and overall process of attracting tourists. The homelessness and revenues with regard to the tourists can be understood and undertaken in a demand and supply relationship between the two components at either end. The situation at hand can be resolved and undertaken by implementing business model and theory to evaluate the exact nature of the problem at hand. Maslow theory of hierarchy and needs determination reflects the overall outlook of the given society. The elements understanding such as the security versus insecurity felt as the amount of vagrants increase in the society. Similarly...
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...Homelessness Homelessness Homelessness is a concept that is not quite easily understood. Springer (2000) argued that while an average person can perceive the concept in terms of vagrancy, the sociological perspective is quite complex. A more general description of homelessness could entail many issues ranging from the absence of a permanent residence to poor living arrangements and housing conditions. This paper focuses on various homelessness issues including the scope of the problem and solutions to the problem. In addition, the paper looks at the problem from a theoretical sociological perspective. Scope of the Problem Homelessness is...
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