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Summation - Essay Example

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A History of Modern Middle East by William Cleveland talks about Middle East history in details covering the western imperialism and Egyptian reorganization. ‘Challenges to the existing Order: The Palestinian Uprising and the gulf War’ is a title of chapter 22 of the book,…
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Critique on Chapter 22 Task Introduction A History of Modern Middle East by William Cleveland talks about Middle East history in details covering the western imperialism and Egyptian reorganization. ‘Challenges to the existing Order: The Palestinian Uprising and the gulf War’ is a title of chapter 22 of the book, which is analyzed critically.
Summarize your focal point
The Middle East experienced series of internal crisis amid countries occupying the region between 1987 and 1991. The Palestinian and Israeli populace clashed because of boundary mix-up. Demonstration and mass uprising were conducted to stop Israeli’s citizens from occupying areas such as Gaza and the West Bank by Palestinians. The uprising, Intifada, lasted for almost 5 years and aimed at establishing a self-governing Palestine state. Secondly, another internal clash in Middle East occurred amid Iraq and Kuwait. The war was referred to as the Gulf war after being internationalized (Cleveland, 2004).
Another event that Middle East experienced was the external intervention of outside countries such as US, directly involved in the regions affairs. The outside intervention resulted to consequences still felt in the modern days. The US military intervention in the region was caused by a fundamental change experienced due to alteration of international balance of supremacy because of the closing stages of Cold War (Cleveland, 2004). Iraq faced challenges from the occasional US aerial bombardment and the unstable economic sector. Moreover, the Gulf War resulted to a closer relationship amid Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. The 2 states were enforced to make a dual decision making for the pro of the future (Cleveland, 2004).
Did the event create a conflict or end a conflict
The events experienced in the Middle East did not result to end of conflicts since Iraq and Kuwait failed to solve their differences.
How did the event impact the region and USA
The event resulted to both peace and uproar in the region, for example, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia solved their differences, and Israel and Palestine continued to fight. USA was perceived as an intruder who was concerned with her own wellbeing instead of the welfare of the region. The participation of US military in Gulf War was perceived to be biased and ended the relationship amid allies of Iraq and US.
Middle East region is a significant and plays a core role in world’s economy. Consequently, events occurring in the region affect the world.
Cleveland, W. L. (2004). A history of the modern Middle East. Boulder, Colo: Westview Press. Read More
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Summation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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