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What Yemen Thinks Should Be Done About Syria - Essay Example

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In the essay “What Yemen Thinks Should Be Done About Syria” the author looks at religious demarcations that consist of the Sunni and Shia Islamic sects. They bring about resultant ideologies that affect its governance, among other ideologies; principally political…
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What Yemen Thinks Should Be Done About Syria
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Extract of sample "What Yemen Thinks Should Be Done About Syria"

One of the consummate historical occurrences is the ouster of the former president, Saleh and the swearing-in of Hadi after numerous riots and unrest. It is important since it transformed the Yemeni government for the better of its economy and welfare of the citizens.
Yemen is situated in Southwest Asia. It borders Saudi Arabia and Oman whose current occurrences affect its political activities with the trade between them taking a critical role in the politics of Yemen. Egypt is one of its allies while Iran is a foe. Yemen economy has feeble national integration with an immense population growth amid differences between the South and North of the nation. Yemen’s GDP is $1460 below other countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iran. Yemen became a UN affiliate in 1947. It is a member of UNDP, IOM, USAID, and UNIDO. It has signed the WTO agreement with the US among others with Saudi Arabia.
Syria is an Arab country whose peace has been damned by the Arabian spring. Most of its citizens initiated protests, demanding for various grievances, including restoration of civil rights, halting of a position of emergency initiated in 1963 and political reforms. This situation of turbulence has affected the countries’ economy and government detrimentally.
The Arab spring, as brought about by the recurrent protests and riots against poor governance in the Arab countries, has inculcated unrest in Syria, among other Arab countries such as Yemen. The protesters claim the government does not take care of unemployment, corruption, poor economy and constitutional alterations.
The upsurge of violence in Syria seems to ensue even as more citizens demise in their fight for rights among other grievances. Principally, this has resulted from Assad’s reluctance to consider the demands of the citizens (Liberdom). Additionally, Syria records a deteriorating economic freedom index due to upsurge and poor governance. If the Syrian government does not initiate peaceful democratic processes to hoist its economic banner, the gas or oil resources may not aid at all.
Since violence begets the aggression, Syria is likely to inculcate wars against its factions and further worsen the situation at hand. Failure to arrive at a national consensus, the entire institutional and governmental environment, may plummet further, resulting into socio-economic costs and domino effects on the neighboring nations, one of them being Yemen (Liberdom).
Yemen’s position on this issue is categorical that Syria should stage an urgent national reconciliation and arbitration between its citizens and the government, to reduce the detrimental economic effect on the country and reduce the domino effect on the neighbor countries, to ensure that inter-governmental relations are intact.
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Liberdom. Institutional Weaknesses Source of Conflict in Syria. 23 August 2011. Web. 18 April 2012. <> Read More
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