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Critical Analysis of Mary Wollstonecraft's Vindication - Essay Example

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Throughout the book, it would be meaningless to follow different varieties of sorrows, cares, and mean-nesses into which women are plunged by the…
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Critical Analysis of Mary Wollstonecrafts Vindication
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Extract of sample "Critical Analysis of Mary Wollstonecraft's Vindication"

Download file to see previous pages Fragile in the sense that the look up to any man for any comfort. In most cases, women cling to their support like a parasite, desperately demanding for help. Men, therefore, extend their arms or lift up their voices to guard the lovely woman from the jump of a rat, or the frown of a wizened cow; a mousewould be a serious threat.
A Vindication of the rights of women is about fighting for the rights of women and their education. Throughout the book, it is evident that the weaker sex of mankind also has natural talents and should not be placed into competition with men and their abilities. Human nature is essentially good and is able to change its attitude towards prevailing situations on women. One of the main points in the book states that marriage should not be based on desire (Wollstonecraft, 1992).
On degradation, the book is critical in blaming the male point of view and their conception of the society. Women should not be viewed as wives or sensible mothers but pleasing mistresses instead. Wollstonecraft was aware that could not instill a culture of independence from women the same way she was, she was determined to develop wiser and more independent women.
Tyranny: To put forward the tyranny of man. Arguments have been put forward that are aimed at proving that men are superior to women. The two sexes are seen as being different from each other and that women are inferior. Women are not expected to possess enough strength of mind so as to be able to have virtue. From birth, women are told to take advice from their mothers (Wollstonecraft, 2009).
On degradation, Wollstonecraft says that the society views women as being naturally weak women need rational education before they can be judged moral beings; if they were regarded primarily as sexual, they could not be fully human. Discrimination against women can only be remedied by the cultivation of female intellect, however, intellectual equality still need to be proven. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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