Democracy: Freedom and Capitalism - Essay Example

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Democracy is a form of government. It is where people of a certain nation can vote to determine their own public policy and that all of their citizens have equal…
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Democracy: Freedom and Capitalism
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Democracy, Freedom and Capitalism Democracy, Freedom and Capitalism are three words that are commonly used together. However, three of them are totally different in concept, although they are related to each other.
Democracy is commonly associated with freedom, especially in media and pop culture but is not synonymous to freedom. Democracy is a form of government. It is where people of a certain nation can vote to determine their own public policy and that all of their citizens have equal rights and power to express their opinions.
The emphasized word is equality, as in of the people, as the word come from two Greek words meaning people and power. This is not synonymous to freedom at all, specifically political freedom. Political freedom is a main feature of democratic government, though, as it respects its peoples’ opinions, which are given freely. As in people are free to dish out anything against the government and they are not to be persecuted. It is personal as you can choose your own associations.
Both are connected to capitalism, especially democracy. Democracy is a reaction to communism. Communism had its own economic system wherein the government takes control of the economy, which is opposite to capitalism. In capitalism, private enterprise rules and they have the freedom to operate their business as long as they follow the rules and laws made by the people. Capitalists are also private entities, so they are free.
McConnell, Campbell, Brue, Stanley and Flynn, Sean. Economics 18th Edition. McGraw Hill: New York, 2010. Print. Read More
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