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It is undeniable that the founding fathers of the United States of America as a nation upheld many ideals concerning inalienable rights of man, yet this was a fact that was not applicable to every citizen within its boarders…
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Missouri Compromise
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The period 1813 to 1820, an Era in which good things were just beginning to trickle down; an oftentimes referred to as the “Era of Good Feelings”; the Missouri compromise, an event that is believed to have had a major role in shaping the course of American history struck. As a matter of fact, even the colonists before the birth of the nation had been listening to their consciences, and knew in their minds that slavery was indeed, wrong. Thus, it was time to take note and recognize how cruel the vice actually was. Finally, in 1820, a minority of congressmen rose up and took an expressive stand. However small, important steps had to be made toward attainment of equal rights.

The events preceding the compromise came at a time when James Monroe had taken office as the president of the new Republic with only one political faction inexistence, that being the Democratic-Republicans. Although there were a number of diverse issues to be tackled ranging from Taxation dilemmas to particular internal improvements that sprung from the Federalists ideals; a precise balance within the Senate of Congress equating the number of representative for free and slave states was regarded important in terms of house voting, and was to be upheld no matter the prevailing circumstances.

Holding other factors such as the supply of cheap land constant, because freedom had to be sought anyway, Missouri soon applied for recognition as full fledged member of the union as a slave state. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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