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Micro Approaches & the H2O pump - Essay Example

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The reporter, Amy Costello, research on the unhealthy water of Stink water, a town in South Africa, and the solution that a retired advertising executive, Trevor Field, created in aid of better water for them. Trevor Field’s invention, the Play Pump, was a great solution…
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Micro Approaches & the H2O pump
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Extract of sample "Micro Approaches & the H2O pump"

Micro Approaches & the H20 pump. The reporter, Amy Costello, research on the unhealthy water of Stink water, a town in South Africa, and the solution that a retired advertising executive, Trevor Field, created in aid of better water for them. Trevor Field’s invention, the Play Pump, was a great solution. Water was dug deep up from the water table, then pumped and stored in a tank. The Play Pump was mainly a merry go round, where kids could play on, and in the process, the water would be pumped to the storage tank. This was also advantageous to the kids since it was more of a playing area/ tool for them. To put up the Play Pump was cheap, and Trevor came up with an advertising concept, that was to put up advertisements on the tanks and the money would be used in the maintenance of the pumps. Trevor’s idea was brilliant, and it got a worldwide recognition. The Play Pump got a 16.2 million dollars donation to aid in the installation of other water pumps. After 3 years, Amy went back to South Africa and found that not all the pumps were functional. She tried to talk to Trevor but to no avail, but at last, her situation obliged her to converse with him, despite the fact that he declined to admit that it was his problem that the pumps were not functional.
This research show that there are willing donors who want to aid a brilliant idea, but there’s a lot of greed from people both in the micro and macro companies who end up running away with the money.
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Additional text reference:
“Southern Arfica: The Troubled Water”, Read More
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(Micro Approaches & The H2O Pump Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Micro Approaches & The H2O Pump Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Micro Approaches & The H2O Pump Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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