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This is because terrorism is a multivariate concept encompassing many actions, reactions, and activities. However, Hoffman tries his level best…
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Terrorism Although there has been a lot of fight and resistance to terrorism, the term terrorism has been quite difficult to define succinctly. This is because terrorism is a multivariate concept encompassing many actions, reactions, and activities. However, Hoffman tries his level best to exposit on the topic of terrorism. He also explains the various facets of terrorism and the changes that have been observed with time. This brief paper describes terrorism according to Hoffman. It also tracks how terrorism has changed with time.
According to Hoffman, terrorism may be broadly defined as any articulate course of action either physical or otherwise, taken by a person or a group of persons who are dissatisfied by various issues in the society. The articulated course of action mostly aims at causing wreck and havoc to express dissatisfaction. However, terrorism is synonymous with leadership and politics where terrorists react violently in response to issues within government or leadership. Actions of terror qualify as terrorism whether the course action causes harm or not. The actions still qualify as terrorism whether the course of action was legitimate or not.
Certainly, terrorism has changed dramatically with time. Terrorism was first taken positively as a medium of change from bad governance. It was seen as revolution and was synonymous with democracy and virtue (Hoffman 3). It then changed to “propaganda by deed” (Hoffman 5) whereby wholesome bloodshed targeted to specific groups or communities that failed to follow the conventional ways of terror perpetrators. It then changed to assassination and kidnapping of political leaders or their close relatives within the society who failed to address requirements and demands of extremist groups (Hoffman 11). Terrorism then changed to target of inanimate objects such as important, monumental, and valuable buildings. Terrorism also changed to religious based terror actions in response to unaddressed religious issues. However, a combination of these transitions has also been evident.
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Hoffman, Bruce. “Inside Terrorism”. Coloumbia: Columbia University Press, 2006. Print. Read More
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