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The metric system was introduced by France during the French Revolution. The system has not been adopted fully in the United States and it is difficult to understand why the…
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Thinking Globally; Do you think the US should convert to the metric system
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Should The US Convert To The Metric System? The metric system of measure is defined as a decimal system that is based on the integer or number 10. The metric system was introduced by France during the French Revolution. The system has not been adopted fully in the United States and it is difficult to understand why the system has not been adopted fully. The system should be adopted fully because it has more advantages than disadvantages. The metric system is more accurate or precise than the system utilized in the United States. The system that is used in the United States relies on ounces, pounds, quarts and other measures, which are not reliable. The system has proved beneficial in baking for the reason that baking is a science where accurate measurements are required to generate consistent and quality baked products (Strianese and Strianese 118).
Other than the baking industry, metric system is important in the pharmaceutical, automotive, engineering, and science industry. These industries have decided to go metric system because it is very crucial in world trade. Metric terminology is being used in the medical field. The metric system is taught early during the training of doctors because the drug dosage is usually specified in metric units. Presently, approximately ninety percent of global population utilizes the metric system. The metric system is still being introduced and utilized in majority of the industries in the United States; the most remarkable industries using the system include the food and beverage industry. For instance, when an individual purchases a beverage such as coffee or soda, the measurement usually appears on the beverage package in metric terms and customary measurements always used (Strianese and Strianese 119).
As stated before, the metric system is used in the baking industry because it gives exact measurements. Thus, it is useful in this industry because the ingredients are generally weighted instead of being measured. The change to the metric system is evident in the United States; in the food and beverage industry, very few bottles of wine are sold using the customary U.S. measures (Strianese and Strianese 119). The metric system offers standard rules for “communicating the amounts of its units through prefixes. For example, a milligram is one-thousandth of a gram (weight), a milliliter is one-thousandth of a liter (volume), and a millimeter is one-thousandth of a meter (length)” (Strianese and Strianese 120). The customary system does not have this form of predictability and uniformity (Strianese and Strianese 120). Other than being uniform and predictable, the metric system is used internationally and thus, for exchange students will find it difficult using the customary United States system. In conclusion, the metric system is widely used internationally in most industries and therefore, the United States should adopt the system. This is because most of the industries such as the pharmaceutical and automotive industry use the metric system. For instance, the medical field in the United States and worldwide is using the metric terminology because drug dosage is specified in metric units.
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