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Argumentative in World History about religion and - Essay Example

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Confucianism played a major role in the determining the shape of Chinese system both in terms of politics and culture. Riggs (2006) indicates that Confucianism revolved around making the society a conducive place for human…
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Argumentative Essay in World History about religion and
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"Argumentative in World History about religion and"

Download file to see previous pages With time Confucianism developed as a state cult; its leaders became the most powerful in the empire. As a result of the Confucianism, the Han Dynasty developed with its basics reducing the Chinese populace embrace the basics of concepts of Confucianism.
On another angle, world religion led to the rise and fall of states in the world. A notable empire that emanated from religion is the Mongolian empire. This empire was influenced by Christianity, Islam and Buddhism. This empire is dated back to the 13th century when the Genghis Khan ruled. The Mongolian empire is said to stretch as far as Central Europe. In this case, it is justified to argue that religion has the ability ton expand states from the example of Mongolian empire. Studies indicate that the Mongolian empire is one of the empires that expanded with a great magnitude.
However, religion has been credited with the ability to obliterate an empire. In as much as religion has been renowned for its ability to reunite states. Other studies depict the complete opposite of this fact. This can be proven from the Aztec state that received a lot of oppositions from other states that did not accept the fact that the state saw its way to the top through human sacrifice. An collaboration of the religious terms with the socio- economic and political aspects led to the failure of the Aztec empire.
The contribution of Christianity has also created numerous responses in regard to rise and fall of empires. In the case of empires in Europe, Christianity contributed a great mile towards weakening existing dynasties in Europe. In the case of Spain, the country took part in wars that were instigated by varying religious beliefs. Most of the rivalries that came up as a result of conflicts resulting from Christianity included wealth disparities and territorial expansion. However, the religion saw an expansion of other empires such as Rome and Mughal Empire, (1556-1707).
Islam religion also saw an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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