Walser, Robert. Heavy Metal: Sounds and Images of Gender - Essay Example

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One of such issue is misogyny, which refers to hatred to women or girls. The first evidence of misogyny is portrayed in the 44th page of the article. John…
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Walser, Robert. Heavy Metal: Sounds and Images of Gender
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Extract of sample "Walser, Robert. Heavy Metal: Sounds and Images of Gender"

Task: “Heavy Metal: Sounds and Images of Gender.” Robert’s article is one of the few articles that display some of the common gender issues present in most societies today. One of such issue is misogyny, which refers to hatred to women or girls. The first evidence of misogyny is portrayed in the 44th page of the article. John Fiske talks of the current society that denies men their adequate means and right to exercise their masculinity. Fiske goes ahead to expose to the readers what the societies’ intention is when it does this. He says that by denying males this opportunity, they feel insecure. Insecurity makes them work harder, and re-achieve their goals and dreams leaving the opposite gender lagging behind. The metal music audience is also made of males mostly; no ladies. “Metal audiences made of young males” (Walser 45). The two evidences show how women were sidelined or hated by the men in the area.
Androgyny is another gender- related issue in the article. It is a combination of feminine and masculine characteristics. Metal music facilitates or portrays it when most of the styles and other musical characteristics are the same in both genders. This also includes dressings and other forms of make-ups. “Who said real men do not wear make-up (Walser 53)?” Women are the ones normally known for make-ups.
Exscription is whereby a part of a society, normally women, is excluded in certain activities. Most of the audiences for the Metal music bands such as Gay Metal Society in Chicago are males who are homosexuals (Walser 47). Women are not allowed in the band. Some of the ex-band players like Rob Halford are also believed to be homosexuals (Walser 47).
Romantic life is also expressed by the Metal music. The romance put revealed by Robert in the article is that of the same sex. This is evidenced by the Gay Metal Society where all performers and audiences are gay (Walser 47). Romantic lifestyle is also shown by the kinds of dressing and make-ups by most Metal musicians.
Work Cited
Walser, Robert. Forging Masculinity: Heavy-Metal sounds and Image of Gender in sound and
vision. New York, NY: Routledge, 1993. Print. Read More
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