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History of Cinema - Essay Example

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The study of history is extremely valuable as it conveys to us the information of how the world operates, what has been practiced before, and the outcome. Also, history helps human beings learn from their prior mistakes; thereby, improving their risk awareness while carrying out…
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History of Cinema
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Extract of sample "History of Cinema"

3 February History of Cinema The study of history is extremely valuable as it conveys to us the information of how the world operates, what has been practiced before, and the outcome. Also, history helps human beings learn from their prior mistakes; thereby, improving their risk awareness while carrying out dangerous activities, as well as improve current operations. Therefore, history enables man to figure out new ways of doing what has previously been done in order to have the best related services for the future (Ferro, 15).
Similarly, studying the history of Cinema is valuable to man as this allows the constant transfer of knowledge that result in continuous cinema improvements (Ferro, 16). In particular, the history of cinema dates over 100 years, beginning from late 19th century to the current time. Since the evolution of the cinema during the 1890s, it was considered an economical method of providing mass entertainment. During the first three decades of film discovery, motion pictures did not have sound as the pioneers had not yet figured out how to link sound with the motion pictures. Through continual improvements, inventors succeeded in merging motion pictures with sound in 1923; hence, this resulted in the end of the silent era, while marked the beginning of the sound era (Goodwin, 129). The cinema has undergone various stages of development to reach the current 3-Dimensional films, which has been made possible by continuous learning and improvements.
This confirms the fact that the history of Cinema has been useful as it has allowed the ultimate transformation of primitive film to a world class and reliable cinema. Without studying the history of the cinema, there would be nothing to improve. Consequently, the film industry would be lagging behind. As such, we must study the history of cinema because it will enlighten us on new ways of establishing better services than are currently being offered. In conclusion, the study of the past assists us to appreciate the present and makes us ready for the future.
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History of Cinema Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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