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WW2 - Essay Example

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Between August 1945 and April 1952, the United States and other Allied Powers carried out an operation, the occupation of Japan, with Gen. MacArthur being the first Supreme Commander. Japan lost all the territory it had conquered after 1894. In 1947, there was a new…
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Extract of sample "WW2"

Historical Significance for Period 1945 to 1952 Between August 1945 and April 1952, the United s and other Allied Powers carried out an operation, the occupation of Japan, with Gen. MacArthur being the first Supreme Commander. Japan lost all the territory it had conquered after 1894. In 1947, there was a new constitution in force with the emperor being stripped of all military and political power and just made a state symbol. Japan was forbidden from leading any war or maintaining an army. The occupation ended in April 1952 with a peace treaty (Sugita 20).
2. The Korean War saw the United States focus on Asia as the problem between 1949 and 1950. With the defeat of the Empire of Japan, Manchuria, together with Taiwan was given back to China. The USSR recognized Chiang, which included Manchuria as it had occupied Manchuria in war. It extended limited aid to Mao and turned over the cities in Manchuria to Chiang (Brands 280).
3. The planners of postwar intended for the division between South Korea and North Korea to be a temporary administration solution. The UN had intended to push for elections in the two countries in 1947 with the hope of re-uniting them to a democratic government. But the Soviet Union blocked this plan and supported Kim IL Sung as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s leader.
4. On the other hand, the United States was in support of Syngman Rhee as the leader of Republic of Korea. Though Kim and Rhee ruled with different ideologies, they both supported the reunification course. Later, the United States and Soviet Union withdrew their forces under the 1949 UN agreement.
5. This left the two sides periodically instigating attacks on each other across the thirty-eighth parallel which had divided the US and Soviet Union troops. This led to formal war in June 1950 when Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, DPRK crossed the line to attack the Republic of Korea, ROK.
6. In September 1950, the US led the UN in regaining South Korea’s lost ground with China reacting to this. At Incheon, close to Seoul, MacArthur’s US troop cut off DPRK army from advancing. This saw the UN forces approach the 38th parallel and liberate Seoul by the end of that month, restoring the previous status quo. By 1951, the territory about central Korea and Seoul had been claimed by different troops as the Communist and UN troops advanced and retreated.
7. With the UN and US troops war to regain South Korea, October 1950 saw the UN troop reaching Yalu River, the border between North Korea and China. Office of the Historian observed that the Chinese considered this as threatening their security and sent its forces to North Korea in 1950 forcing MacArthur’s army to retreat behind the thirty-eighth parallel.
8. Philippines sent its troops to peninsula to contain the advance of communism following the entry of the UN into the internal war between DPRK and ROK in June 1950. This would further help prevent the spread of the conflict outside Korea.
9. Operating with an armistice as an informal ceasefire agreement, the formal peace treaty had been scheduled for 1954 Geneva conference, but the colonial war of France in Indochina preceded this. This led to the US signing a defense treaty with ROK and the US semi-permanently becoming part of DMZ.
10. With the communist successes recorded in Korea, President Truman was concerned that it would encourage action from People’s Republic of China. The communists triumphed on Chinese mainland causing them to retreat to Taiwan and there was the threat that PRC would move to consolidate its power all over China.
11. After hostilities emerged in Korea, President Harry transferred the US 7th Fleet into Taiwan to contain military conflict. This was considered as interference of China’s internal affairs by PRC.
12. According to Office of the Historian, Japan had captured Marshall Island in the Pacific among other provinces and the Island was later captured by the US. In October 1945, the US Coast Guard Vessels and Navy were lost in the Marshalls Islands.
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