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The system in the totalitarian democracy refers to a government system where the representatives come under legitimate election runs and maintains the honor and uprightness of the country. Although the citizens have the legal permission and right to vote for their nation, but…
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Can Rousseau plausibly be described as a totalitarian democrat
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Download file to see previous pages While on the other hand, the education and religion comes under the vision as a biased and detrimental due to the reason that it fortified the individuals (Talmon, Arieli & Rotenstreich, pp. 37-50, 2002).
The government body in the totalitarian democracy enjoys and leverage with complete power of confiscation and obligation. In simple words, the government has the right to direct and manipulate over each individual and everything else. This concept of totalitarian democracy to some extent goes up against by modern and contemporary experts. According to them, totalitarian democracy is the equality-oriented democracy where complete rights and freedoms of people should not come under holding as convict to traditions and social agreements (Talmon & Arieli & Rotenstreich, pp. 37-50, 2002).
Jean Jacques Rousseau has been a significant and accepted name that advocated totalitarian democracy. In addition, Jean Jacques Rousseau has been a prominent name and one of the greatest figures in the history of the French Enlightenment as he was one of the popular French philosophers whose ideas and thoughts persuaded the French Revolution. In addition, more than just being a philosopher, Jean Jacques Rousseau has also gained a prominent name as an author/novelist, painter, political and educational theorist/philosopher, musicologist, and composer. Apart from achieving recognition as a totalitarian democrat, he was also a flourishing music composer and made remarkable contributions to the music as a theorist. His work of music has come under findings in the form of operas and several other forms (Jeske & Fumerton, pp. 66-75, 2011).
At the initial stage, Rousseau gained reputation as a writer after winning the award for one of his writings. In addition, the history provides the fact that the political events occurred during the time of Jean Jacques Rousseau has been quite influential, particularly for the American and French Revolutions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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