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The documentary was produced by one of the renowned producers Jeremy Isaacs in the early 70s. The documentary was written by Carl Davis and narrated by Laurence Olivier. Other significant…
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The broad thematic perspective
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The broad thematic perspective Introduction This is a 26-episode British documentary on the of the Second World War. The documentary was produced by one of the renowned producers Jeremy Isaacs in the early 70s. The documentary was written by Carl Davis and narrated by Laurence Olivier. Other significant participants in writing are Mark Arnold-Forster (Ambruster 1).
The documentary makes use of colorful film footage. This was commissioned in 1969 by Thames Television. The movie required detailed research, and this took four years to produce the overall analysis, and production of the documentary. The overall cost of the movie was around £900,000 which is equivalent to £11.4 million today. It was first broadcasted on ITV in 1973.
The documentary interviewed significant members of Axis and Allied campaigns, comprising eyewitness accounts by enlisted men, civilians, politicians, and officers among others. Major historians were Stephen Ambrose and Adolf Galland (Ambruster 17).
The series “The World at War,” entails a DVD set by Jeremy Isaac explaining the priorities given to examinations and interviews with surviving assistants and aides other than recognized figures. Karl Wolff who was Heinrich Himmler’s adjutant was the most difficult interviewee to persuade and locate. During the examination, he accepted to be among the significant witnesses in mass genocide, in Himmler’s presence. In the later part of the series, Isaacs showed satisfaction with the entails of the series. He also added that the content entailed unclassified information in reference to British code-breaking. The documentary is listed among the top programmes in British television under the compilation of British Film Institute in 2000 (Ambruster 5).
Reckoning (April 1945) Theme: peace
This is a situation whereby nations look for alternative means of solving conflicts. This is a crucial theme that prevails in all of the four clips. Violence was as a result of conflict of ideas and ways of doing things. But in this case, violence evolves as a result of conflict of interest. The subjects were made to do things they were not willing by their masters. Peace prevailed after the submission of the Nazi forces who were Germans.
Massive killings such as those illustrated in “Whirlwind: Bombing Germany” which is the twelve episode are some of the activities that came to a stop leading to prevalence of peace. The episode emphasizes on massive bombings by the British and American army in Germany. Interviews from witnesses such as Albert Speer, William Reid and James Stewart explain how innocent lives were taken during the bombing. This took place between 1945 and 1949 in Germany. Effects of these bombings are also illustrated in the clip. Hatred between nations arose as a result of massive destruction. The witnesses also confessed on economic decline as a result of poor performance in the agricultural sector, closure of industries, decline in market demand, poor international relations hence low Gross Domestic Product (Ambruster 11).
Clip 1: Allied-occupied Germany
After the submission of Nazi Germany, the republic was divided into four administrative zones between 1945 and 1949. This was done by the allied powers which comprised of US forces, the British forces, the French forces and the Soviet Union from Russia. The division of Germany into four zones led to the prevalence of peace. This was due to the presence of administrative forces who would strain any efforts of violence (Ambruster 12).
Clip 2: Demobilization
This was the stepping down of combat-ready status of allied forces for peace prevalence. The allied armies’ governance was succeeded by civilian high commissioners. These commissioners were less harsh and considerate in implementing rules and regulations. Citizens had privileges in presenting their views and actively participating in subsequent economic development of their country.
Clip 3: Nuremberg trials
These were military tribunals formed by allied forces to prosecute the perpetrators of injustices against humanity. This was put in place to help in the building of Nazi economy. The trials were held in Nuremberg, Germany, at Palace of Justice, in 1945-46. This discouraged any inhuman practices being perpetuated by perpetrators.
Clip 4: Cold War
This is a situation whereby nations come up with other strategies of conflicts other than violence such as economic competition, proxy wars, and military tensions. An ideal example is whereby the US government aimed at developing its economy by standing at a better competitive ground than its competitor Russia. This helps in maintaining peace in that no physical violence is involved.
Peace is an indispensable tool for any sustainable economic development. From this article, it is evident that peace plays a significant part in ensuring that development prevails. Nations should emulate strategies considered by the allied forces nations to avoid negative effects of war.
Work cited
Ambruster, Howard Watson. Treasons Peace. Germany: Beechhurst Press, 1947. Read More
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