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The focus of this paper is on The Truth Behind the Creek Wars. The said war is known as the “bloodiest war waged by the Creek Indians against the white people throughout the history” of the country (Halbert & & Ball 13)…
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The Truth Behind the Creek Wars
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Creek War is a conflict within the United States land specifically in the Alabama area during the period from 1813 until 1814.  The said war is known as the “bloodiest war waged by the Creek Indians against the white people throughout the history” of the country (Halbert & Ball 13).  The main reason for the impact of the war is the fact that a great unity among all the branches of the Choctaw-Muscogee stock of Indians who all fought against the white people.  In addition, the united move had resulted to the important contribution of the group in the history of the Gulf States (19).  The group involved in the Creek War was composed of different branches of Indian stock namely Creeks or Muscogees proper of the Upper Creeks, the Hitchitees of the Lower Creeks, the Alibamos and Coshattees of the Alabama River, and the western branch Choctaws and Chickasaws (19-21). There are different causes of the war.  One of the said causes is the different factions of invaders such as Spanish, English and French explorers (25).  Prior to the war, settlers and the Indian inhabitants were having territorial issues but because of different forms of agreements coexistence for a period of time had been possible.  Few years before the war though, there had been indications of difficulties and tensions with the relationship between the foreign settlers and the locals.  Based on the increasing number of settlers as compared to the native population, the war was believed to be “a war upon the whites” but as more evidence had been gathered it had been concluded that the Creek War, though negative was considered as a “method to exterminate” the Indians of the locality (32). Read More
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(The Truth Behind the Creek Wars Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 309 Words)
The Truth Behind the Creek Wars Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 309 Words.
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