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What motivated the United States to pursue an Imperialist policy during the 19th century - Essay Example

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More specifically, it will try to look into factors that facilitated imperialism and the effects of American imperialism policy.
Imperialism has been defined as the practice, policy or advocacies…
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What motivated the United States to pursue an Imperialist policy during the 19th century
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"What motivated the United States to pursue an Imperialist policy during the 19th century"

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The factors that motivated the American policy of Imperialism in the 19th century can be grouped into military, political and economic interests. In the 1890s, America saw the emergence of new navalist’s ideologies, which were greatly advocated for. Alfred T. Mahan, a former president at the Naval War College argued out the need for America to battle out for naval supremacy in the world. Mahan pointed out that foreign commerce was crucial to the survival of any great nation and for a powerful country in the world; thus, there was a need to protect the sea routes. According to Mahan, all these could only be achieved by having a strong naval force. A powerful navy would facilitate the acquisition of colonies and overseas naval bases and oil fields
In the early 1890s, America experienced an overproduction of commodities by industries. Majority of the prosperous business people and government officials saw the only solution to the crisis as the finding of new markets for American products outside the North American continent. Americans, thus, targeted territories in Middle East, Africa and Latin America.
In the beginning of the 19th century, France, Germany and Great Britain were expanding their political powers and influence in the world through various means. One of such ways was the acquisition of territorial regions in Africa, the country of China and other areas of the globe. This made American policy makers to advocate for America to join other European Countries in acquiring colonies for it not to be left behind politically, economically as well as militarily. (Ramos, 2007 pp 30-31)
Imperialism led to the strengthening of the American navy. Imperialism allowed the navy to establish ports in Pearl Harbor, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and Hawaii. These ports made it possible for America to compete with European countries. America was able to expand its territory. Military forces were easily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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