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The paper "Winner-Take-All Economy" discusses some questions about differences of profits and levels of lives of the rich Americans, middle class, and the poorest Americans. It also tries to explain the reasons of this through giving examples from real life…
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Winner-Take-All Economy
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Download file to see previous pages This has been fueled by capital gains such as dividend and investment income, the shares have increased significantly from 9 percent to 23.5 percent (Hacker & Pierson 16). The more exclusive the group the group, the more stratospheric the gains have been. This has been fueled by capital gains such as dividend and investment income, the shares have increased significantly from 9 percent to 23.5 percent (Hacker & Pierson 16). The more exclusive the group the group, the more stratospheric the gains have been. Gains Have Been SustainedThe income tax statistic reveals that the move of income towards the top has been sustained, and it increases steadily since around 1980. The ever increasing national income shares captured by the richest Americans are a long-term trend which is obviously not related to either the shifting partisan occupation of the White House or business cycle (Hacker & Pierson  17). The rapid increase in a number of shares captured by the richest Americans occurred during the drives on the stock market that occurred between 1980 and 2000. Gains Have Resulted in Few Trickle-Down Benefits for the Non-rich The average income of the poorest American households increased by 6 percent, while the middle quintiles of households increased by 21 percent. This research study took inflation and government benefits and taxes into account (Hacker & Pierson 17). Most of the richest Americans gain from the struggle and sweat of the middle class and poorest Americans. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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