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Alexander the Great - Essay Example

Alexander developed the traits of a true leader because Phillip had given a great attention to the education and military training of his son. Alexander was not only brave at heart but also possessed tremendous mental strength. He always believed himself to be the true leader of Macedon and considered himself destined to defeat the Persian army and conquer Persia. Alexander always remained in search of events to prove his valor and strength as a warrior in the battlefield and lead a number of successful expeditions during the rule of his father; at times he went as far as to disregard his father’s achievements in his claim of strength and intellect (Wood). Alexander’s accession to the throne of Macedon did not took place smoothly, he has to prove himself to be the most lawful heir of the throne amid opposition from some of the most notable companions of his father, this is the reason he had to curb revolts in various regions of his father’s empire immediately after his accession, which he successfully did.
During his time at the Academy, Alexander made friends who served him during his lifetime as his generals in the battlefield and his advisors while he made important decisions; this quality of making lifelong friends contributed a lot to his success.

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Alexander the Great
The word ‘great’ did not attribute all the rulers but a few who actually deserved the title. Alexander III (356- 323 B.C.) was the great ruler who deserved the term very well. Alexander has to his credit being tutored by the great philosopher Aristotle. The impact of the teachings of Aristotle came into be effective in his later life as the conqueror
9 pages (2250 words)Research Paper
Alexander The Great
He had successfully fought several battles under his command and conquered kingdoms and because of this he is regarded the most successful and powerful commander in the ancient history. It is also important to note that Alexander the great was taught by the highly famed and renowned philosopher Aristotle where his teachings are considered to contribute greatly to the success of Alexander the great as the commander and as the king of Macedonia (Tritle 102).
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Alexander the great
He also acquired military skills from his father who refined his military wits, ending up building a strong empire, conquering and winning battle after battle, as his military prowess echoed in all directions. This delegation of responsibility by father to son is evident when at one time his father gave him the responsibility to rule Macedonia on his behalf as he waged war with Thrace.
5 pages (1250 words)Research Paper
Alexander the Great
Alexander III of the Macedon was born in the capital of Macedonia in 365 BC. Alexander the Great Was the Son of the King of Macedonia, Philip II, the famous philosopher educated Alexander. The king of Macedonia, Philip II was assassinated in 336 BC. Alexander inherited the kingdom which was powerful but yet volatile.
5 pages (1250 words)Essay
Alexander the Great
I have tried to find out more about their relationship depending on authentic books. Perhaps most will agree that Alexander was the rarest of the rare, a blazing Sun across the horizon of history, not because he conquered most of the world, but because of his sterling qualities.
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Alexander the great
Many reviewers of the book have pointed out the shortage of maps as one of the drawbacks. The book was criticised that there are too many anecdotes about philosophers, Gordian knot, horses and Alexander himself. It is difficult to say that it is a
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Chicago Loangitudinal Study
Child-Parent Center (CPC) program, which began in 1967, was the first intervention by government to support economically deprived class of children. It aimed at facilitating parent involvement in children
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Alexander the great
In the discussion, the study will examine three cultural exchanges. Hellenistic thought refers to conventional and humanistic ethics that can be attributed to ancient Greek culture. It entailed several virtues
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Alexander the great
Alexander the Great is one of those names. In my opinion, he is among the greatest and most supreme king that has ever reigned on Earth. Yes, he has had a lot of mistakes and flaws, but his greatness and
3 pages (750 words)Assignment
Alexander the Great

This paper will describe the conquests of Alexander, paying particular attention to his influence on history of Egypt, Persia and India as well as the legacy that his empire left.It is generally thought that great scientists opened new horizons for the humanity, but in many cases rulers also were able to have a significant impact on history. 

4 pages (1000 words)Essay


Alexander the Great was one of the most successful conquerors of the ancient history; he was the king of one of the largest empires of history and remained invincible during his lifetime. Born in Macedonia, Alexander inherited strong traits of leadership, intellect and valor from his father Philip II who was the strong leader of Macedon…
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Alexander the Great
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