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He oversaw that his administration did not intervene with fixing prices or even salaries for companies. He let this to be done by labor or…
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Past President IN Current Times
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PLSC (Political Science Research Project) Linda Kennedy Fall Outline Country’s economy 2. Balance of power as a president
3. Decision-making skills
John F Kennedy: Leadership Qualities
President Kennedy was concerned about the country’s economy because of the fact that it was the welfare of people’s interests. He oversaw that his administration did not intervene with fixing prices or even salaries for companies. He let this to be done by labor or management sectors who were mainly concerned with the universal concern of the nation. Currently the U.S.A is facing economic problems concerning public debt. This is because politicians are spending too much, and the taxpayers are the ones who suffer since the money they are taxed is being misused and sometimes can be increased (Barnes). This also brings a problem since that the next generation will suffer since there will be little finance. Thus, management should be worried about the economy.
John Kennedy was a democrat, and he was able to balance his power effectively both as a President and a conveyor of public interest. While exercising the power he had as a president, he always thought about the general welfare of the people. Bureaucracies suffer from political influence (Hald-Mortensen ), which becomes a problem especially if there is incompetent leadership. There should be a distinction between administration and the political sector for there to be an assurance of effective bureaucracy run by democracy.
President Kennedy was courageous and made hard and competent decisions. He went for a strike on behalf of his country against the titans who had hiked steel prices, until it amounted to a rational price. There is a problem in making decision as to abolish parole in America. The parole authorities should stand firm and be courageous in the decision they will make in future. For a country to prosper, leaders should rule using democracy, be courageous in each decision they make and also be concerned about the universal welfare of the public.
Barnes, John. John F. Kennedy on Leadership: The Lessons and Legacy of a President, 2005. Washington: Amacon Publishers. Print.
Hald-Mortensen, Christian. John F. Kennedy Leadership Qualities That Moved a Nation, 2007. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh. Read More
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