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An author of the essay "Joe Hill’s Experiences" outlines that the cause of his embrace of a radical workers union can best be explained by Hills frustrations at his new country of adoption, specifically with the system that seemed to favor only the bigwigs in society. …
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Joe Hills Experiences
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Download file to see previous pages Joseph Hillstrom (for this was one of his aliases), opted to join Wobbly leader Bill Haywood, in his quest to rally every child, woman and man in America to join one big union, which would ensure economic profits to the rightful people, who according to Bill Haywood, were the workers. Joe Hill was not an American by citizenship. He was born in Sweden into a family of eight and immigrated to the United States alongside his brother Paul. He seems to have run into trouble with the law and thus had to constantly assume different identities. The State of Utah branded him a murderer, but still, many have continued to celebrate this controversial public figure, stating he was a martyr for the cause of justice. In this paper, discussions will be made into the life of Joe Hill, describing his experiences in different situations, and his commitment to the creation of a just society. Although he might have been a man of many faces, Hill’s life experiences fully explain each and every reason for his actions. For instance, in the story, it is mentioned that he worked for endless hours a day, just for a few pennies. This evidently explains his decision to live a vagrant lifestyle shortly after parting ways with his brother. Most of his story is documented in the setting after he joined the International Workers of the World (IWW). Because of endless frustrations, he seems to have liked the ideas by Bill Haywood- of toppling the big shots in the society from their horses (Verdoia, n.d).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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