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Social and governmental environmental of business - Essay Example

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For example, employers may state clearly, what company’s informal dressing means and forbid employees from wearing over-casual clothes like shorts. They may still ban wearing of too short and tight…
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Social and governmental environmental of business
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Extract of sample "Social and governmental environmental of business"

Task: Social and governmental environmental of business Employers can set up work place dressing rules as employment conditions. For example, employers may state clearly, what company’s informal dressing means and forbid employees from wearing over-casual clothes like shorts. They may still ban wearing of too short and tight dresses and skirts for women like the case of JP Morgan Chase Manhattan Bank. However, as evident in all policies that direct employee, an employer must apply a dress code policy, and unified regulation to all employees in the same group. The employers must also acknowledge dress and grooming depending on the genuine religious faith of employees unless it causes unwarranted hardship.
Tess can file suit against, JP Morgan Chase Manhattan bank, for sex discrimination. Employees claim this common discrimination, about companies’ ways of dressing of respective gender. That is particularly so, when employers have dressing rules, for each gender and are perceived by employees of a gender, as singling them out. The courts usually do not let employers get away with setting up or implementing dress codes in ways that deliberately discriminate, based on sex. Tess may file a discrimination charge with a State Equivalent. (Bender-Baird 75)
However, sex discrimination is illegal thus; the courts normally defend employers’ rights to set up gender-differentiated dress codes, because men and women have normally dressed differently. The bank can defend itself for terminating Tess’s employment because she refused follow orders and directions of the work place. Employers are always under their employers’ supervision. They must do what their supervisors or employers ask them to do provided it is legal, ethical or immoral.
Since Tess was aware of the company’s dress rules, and the company had warned her, the chances are that JP Morgan could win the case. Tess deliberately could not follow the company rules. The production of the nude photos of Tess by the company gave enough evidence of how Tess ignored the company rules. This would make Tess to lose the case even if she was to win.
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Bender-Baird, Kyla. Transgender Employment Experiences: Gendered Perceptions and the
Law. New York, NY. SUNY Press, 2011. Print Read More
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