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Agents of socialization - Essay Example

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I spent the first half of my life in Iran, and the second part of my life in the United States. This means that I have a double perspective on what it means to…
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Agents of socialization
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"Agents of socialization"

Download file to see previous pages I have been taught to respect the authority of my father and to look after my mother and the rest of my family as well. I think that the basic ideas of right and wrong, and a belief in the importance of family came to me through the social agents of my parents and grandparents.
School was not such an important influence for me, at least not until I went to college. I found that what I learn through reading is more important than some of the lessons at school, and I did not fully understand how to make the best of school until I was well over 20 years old. In recent years I am discovering that a lot of things can be learned from other students, and not just the teachers. Listening to other students talk in class is a way of understanding the pressures and pleasures of different kinds of people. Politics becomes more interesting when you can link it to real life people that you know yourself, and so I have to admit that my fellow students have been important agents of socialization for me, especially because I missed out on an American childhood, and cannot always imagine how and why people hold certain views. Of course teachers are important agents of socialization too. I respect my teachers and observe how they behave in a professional way and this is important for my future, since I hope one day to be in a position of some authority in a responsible job and dealing with other people.
The media are a major agent of socialization in my life and I love to use the latest gadgets and keep up with what is happening in the world. When I was young I could not imagine the possibility of being in touch with people from all over the world but now I have friends in Iran, in Europe, the Middle East and all over America through the means of social media like facebook and twitter. I do not read newspapers very much, and I do not have much time for television, but my computer is always with me, and I read about everything on my laptop. This allows me to form my own ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Agents of Socialization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Agents of Socialization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Agents of Socialization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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...when a child becomes an adult and have his own children. Conclusion We can easily deduce that socialization is just not about the genetic makeup but is a complete study of agents that affect a human minds perception. It also teaches you to be socially responsible and be adaptive and flexible. We also conclude that a right mix of learning and acquisition is actually important in upbringing of a child if he has to contribute to the social well being of the society. Of all the texts, the second text is the most valued one as it provides a complete insight on how children behave in certain situations. The author hasn’t taken a broader view on contemporary literature...
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Agents of Socialization
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...Show how the school and the family are two symbiotically related socialization agents vitual for child development. Child development is a veryversatile process. The process includes such components as social development, moral development, cognitive development and language development. As well it has a lot of determinants while the family and the school are considered to be the most important development agents. (Willard C. Olson, 251) The family is a basis of cognitive process for children. It forms basic knowledge and desire to learn world around. The family lays the foundation of further educational process, primarily school education, playing a role of start stage...
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The role that agents of socialization play in shaping an individuals political culture
...The Role That Agents of Socialization Play in Shaping an Individual’s Political Culture ABC 12/8 Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Conclusion 4 References: 5 Introduction The political culture that an individual shares is influenced by many factors. In fact, family, media, education system and religion plays a pivotal role in shaping the beliefs and values an individual forms on political culture. One of the important agents of political socialization is the family. Certain characteristics of the parents can be observed in their offspring. Children may have actually received and qualified the political heritage from their own parents (Beck & Jennings...
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Briefly discuss how any two Agents of Socialization have influenced your life
...Influence of Agents of Socialization The two agents of socialization that influenced my life are familyand the peer group. The family is highly influential because my parents taught me the values and ethics that they derived from their families. At a certain age, an individual becomes skeptical and starts to evaluate everything therefore all the teachings given by the parents are not completely accepted by the children. Similarly, I did not accept all the things that I derived from my family but the things that I learned and accepted have profoundly influenced my life. On the other hand, the peer group has also influenced my life in a significant manner. Through peers I...
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How do language, labels/categories and the agents/processes of socialization operate such that the characters in Zipped and Hedwig succeed and/or fail to maintain, obey, and possibly resist a gendered duality
... number How do language, labels/categories and the agents/processes of socialization operate such that the characters in Zipped and Hedwig succeed and/or fail to maintain, obey, and possibly resist a gendered duality? First, it is important to understand what language, labels, and processes mean in order to understand how they affect the characters mentioned. Language of socialization means the communication terms used in the society to relate to one another, or to other people. For example in this case, there is Hedwig, Lisa, and Mick who are conformed to certain behaviours because of the language of the society. Language is the system of communication by the society. Labels are the identities that people take up, or are branded... in...
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Specific agents of socialization
...Agents of Socialisation Agents of Socialisation Introduction Socialisation as a process enables people to learn and understand their social sphere and thus become capable of functioning properly in their social networks. Socialisation determines how an individual behaves or thinks in the future. One might ask some intriguing question such as how does one adopt values, norms as well as the beliefs of his or her community? How does socialisation happen? During a person’s lifetime, the process of socialisation occurs through his or her contact with various agents of socialisation. Socialisation remains a crucial process throughout the development of individuals from childhood to adulthood. This paper explores groups, institutions... and...
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...Socialisation of Children: Summary and Evaluation of Article Exercise a When searching the internet for obtaining information on this topic, I would use the keywords such as “children’s socialisation,” “peer pressure,” “influences in children’s social skills” etc. 2. I would trust government and NGO websites as well as scientific journals, reports and articles appearing on the internet. On the other hand, I would be wary of commercial sites and blogs apart from those with no proper credentials about the author or site. 3. Peer group refers to a group of people who are from the “same social position” who often interact among themselves in classrooms, friend circles, workplaces or other...
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...sociological concepts and the importance of the video to the researcher in enhancing an understanding of socialization within the societies of today. The first idea that a viewer realizes upon watching the movie relates to the attribute that portrays girls to read earlier than boys while also acquiring verbal knowledge at earlier age than males. While the society may tend to describe the boy child as talented academically over the girls, that believe is just a misconception. After interviewing various elementary school boys regarding their best subjects in school, the response included gym, recess, among others (Thompson, 2009). As opposed to answering the right subjects covered in schools, the boys focus on other...
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Leaders as agents of Socialization
...Leaders as Agents of Socialization Introduction The immediate environment that children find themselves in are important determinants of their cognitive processes. For instance, Austin (2006) emphasized the implications that growing up in a poor neighborhood has on a child, including inability to get adequate exposure to skill development tools and poor social networking skills. Needless to say, the environment continues to shape the cognitive ability and perceptions of a growing child even as they develop to more advanced ages. The net impact of these changing, acquired perceptions is felt when the child is exposed to an academically competitive environment. That is, the gradual shift...
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