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A state having a strong role in the American political system has got an advantageous position in this regard. As Baluyot (Feb 7, 2007) points…
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American politics questions
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American Politics America follows federal form of government where the powers are divided between the national governmentand the regional governments. A state having a strong role in the American political system has got an advantageous position in this regard. As Baluyot (Feb 7, 2007) points out, such states can demand more from the national government for its development in a decentralized and regional manner and get more allocation for unique and innovative methods for tackling social, economic and political problems. In addition, as there is a powerful central government it has more security from external threats. Moreover, the mighty state government can ask the central government to remain close to the people in state governments and to be more concerned with the needs and aspirations of the people especially relevant to small and isolated places.
On the other hand, there are a number of demerits attributed to the states having a strong political role in America. As the state government is in warm relation with the central government, it is forced to obey even the one-sided decisions of the central government. It leads to duplication of government and inefficient, over-lapping or contradictory policies in such states. The unilateral policy making and decisions of the central government may lead to inequality between the states and thereby unhealthy competition and rivalry between them. The double ruling of the central as well as state government in the constituents may pave way for corruption.
The phrase tyranny of majority means a situation in democracy where the party that gets majority of votes has the sole role in formulating policies and making decisions completely snubbing the interests and role of the minority. The term also indicates that the interests of the ruling party will be prevailed and this ignores individual interests; and such a situation can be regarded as the rule of a dictator or tyrant. Even if the decision taken by the ruling party has some evil effects, it will remain in force. Suppose the majority is 51% and the minority is 49%, a huge number of 49% people will have to suffer for the tyranny of a simple majority.
To overcome the deficiencies of such a government Madison proposed the establishment of a new Constitutional republic government in which the scheme of representation takes place. According to him, it can avoid the tendency of “tyranny of majorities” that occurs in pure democracy through two basic means (Bardes, Shelley, and Schmidt, 45-47). In the first place, the representative principle controls the effect of factions because citizens will choose their delegates to represent them in governmental bodies, and these will be the least likely to sacrifice the best interests of the nation. Secondly, the republic can control the effect of factions because it is less likely that groups will arise among the representatives from an extensive geographic area (Bardes, Shelley, and Schmidt, 41). Here, the citizens are also interested to provide fit candidates for office. Moreover, the voters will also ensure greater diversity and make sure that they will pursue interests that benefit all rather than a narrow section. A variety of interests among the voters ensures that no interest group will achieve prevalence in the government.
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