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Most important in wars or battles are those men and women trained to engage in foot battles with their opponents1. Historically, these foot soldiers have borne the most…
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Download file to see previous pages In this perspective, a lot of emphasis was laid on the aspects of military life such as discipline, aggression, and physical strength among other facets of the disciplined forces. Although basic infantry skills and competencies are necessary for the survival of any type of soldiers, there is more to infantry training than the training offered to those soldiers trained to fight on horsebacks, using tanks, or those who deal in signals and armory duties.
The main area in which Infantry Divisions become most useful is in maneuvering rough terrains that would otherwise not be accessible by tanks or armored vehicles. Although technological advances in the West have rendered infantry less important in wars, the role of Infantry Divisions in wars and battles cannot be ignored3. The increased technicality and complexity in military technology and equipment has implied that less infantry is necessary in combats. However, during the two World Wars, the Infantry Division was the most important mechanism by which states and allies would conquer their enemies in battles given that technological advances had not caught up with the military. This paper explores the history of the 366th Infantry Division and the 92nd Infantry Division of the U.S Army. Both the 92nd and the 366th Infantry Divisions were activated in 1917 and served in the two World Wars after which they were disbanded.
During World War I and World War II, each of the sides of the wars needed the military capabilities and advantages that would enable it effectively defend its national borders as well as to win the wars. To achieve these objectives, there was need for proper military organization and structuring. Generally, the military organization and structuring used during the two World Wars were hierarchical and formalized in ranks. However, executive management and control were the preserve of governments, through the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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