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Reflective Analysis of For the Living: The Story of The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum - Movie Review Example

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The writer of the following document seeks to conduct a critical review of the movie titled "For the Living: The Story of The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum" (1994). Moreover, the writer will describe the personal impression after watching the movie.
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Reflective Analysis of For the Living: The Story of The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
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Extract of sample "Reflective Analysis of For the Living: The Story of The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum"

What I particularly like about this movie is the fact that it is a two-in-one movie in that not only this movie narrates the various events and causes that led to the opening of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, but also the audience can find good amount of information regarding the people that wither lived through or became victims of the Holocaust. One segment of the movie talks about one of the survivors from Ejsyski, Poland. Yaffa Eliach played an active role in the development of an exhibit of the museum. The story of his uncle and father narrated by Asner is spell-binding. I found a lot of adventure as well as emotional appeal in Asner’s account of the way his relatives ran away from the Nazis. Some of the parts I can recall which I had been very excited seeing include the archival film footage, the footage in which the museum of Washington D.C. is shown and the interviews conducted with the survivors of the Holocaust. I love this movie for the fact that it told me a great deal about the history of the US in general and the Holocaust Memorial Museum in particular.   Read More
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(Reflective Analysis of For the Living: The Story of The U.S. Holocaust Movie Review)
Reflective Analysis of For the Living: The Story of The U.S. Holocaust Movie Review.
“Reflective Analysis of For the Living: The Story of The U.S. Holocaust Movie Review”, n.d.
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