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Why? Your essay should present the events that serve as a hallmark to his career and a clear explanation of not only the events but also their impact upon the course of American history.
Theodore Roosevelt…
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Theodore Roosevelt
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Theodore Roosevelt Which president do you think left the boldest mark on American History? Why? Your essay should present the events that serve as a hallmark to his career and a clear explanation of not only the events but also their impact upon the course of American history.
Theodore Roosevelt was a very important figure in the history of the United States. His term as a President can be signified to be the best Presidential term of the country owing to the large number of reforms and policies that he shaped for the country. Roosevelt worked towards the improvement of the foreign policy of the country as well as provided for reforms in the agricultural and industrial sector of the country. He also initiated food acts in the country for the betterment of the citizen residing in the country (Klose et al 2001). His presidential term can be labeled as a golden era in the history of the country.
Theodore Roosevelt was sworn as the president of the United States in the year 1901 following the death of his predecessor. The first major step after taking over the presidency was seen in the year 1902. There was a strike by coal mine workers in the state of Pennsylvania and they demanded better working conditions and higher wages. The President intervened and formed a committee to look into the matters. He assisted the workers and forced the mine owners to increase their wages and decrease the working hours. Further, he also worked towards establishing laws for the safety of the workers. Roosevelt termed it to be his policy that all Americans would be treated the same irrespective of their classes and he truly stood by his statement (In Hodge et al 2007; Klose et al 2001).
The next step taken by Theodore Roosevelt was to work towards the elimination of monopolies of the large trusts operating in the country. He wanted to put an end to the misuse of power that was practiced by these corporations. The ending of J.P. Morgan’s Northern Securities was an implementation of this policy. Many other trusts were dissolved in a similar way. Roosevelt made it clear that his aim was to put an end to the exploitations done by these trusts but he did not wish to discourage the initiation of new businesses. He also intervened in the railway sector so that the state could exercise greater power over the infrastructure. With the assistance of the Hepburn Act in 2006, he granted greater power to the Interstate Commerce Commission for the regulation of railways (In Hodge et al 2007; Klose et al 2001).
Roosevelt created reforms in the agricultural sector. He passed the Newlands Act in the year 1902 for the purpose of irrigation of 125,000,000 acres of land so that it could be prevented from becoming barren. He also initiated reforms in the food and the drug industry. He implemented regulations by virtue of the Meat Inspection Act to ensure the safety of the meat consumed by the people. This was followed by the Pure Food and Drug Act to prevent the selling of contaminated and unhygienic foods and drugs (In Hodge et al 2007; Klose et al 2001).
The foreign policy of Theodore Roosevelt was no less than his other reforms. He worked towards the creation of America as a superpower of the world. He promoted the use of dialogue for the settlement of international disputes but he made it very clear that his country would use force if it was desired. It is for this purpose that he upgraded and strengthened the military forces of the country (Spiller 2005).
Theodore Roosevelt was a figure who left a mark in the history of the United States. His food and drug reforms formed the basis of the regulations that are still followed in the country. His foreign policies were exemplary and served to strengthen the country and promote it as a global power.
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