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The Big Stick by Roosevelt - Article Example

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In the paper “The Big Stick by Roosevelt” the author analyzes an administration directive initiated by Roosevelt between 1901 and 1909. Roosevelt believed in the dominance of the American people on both political and fiscal fronts…
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The Big Stick by Roosevelt
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Extract of sample "The Big Stick by Roosevelt"

The Big Stick by Roosevelt
“The Big Stick” was an administration directive initiated by Roosevelt between 1901 and 1909 (Morgan, 2004). Roosevelt believed in the dominance of the American people on both political and fiscal fronts. He built a massive navy with a view of displaying the Americans might to the world. He indicated that the US should safeguard her concerns in the world. Roosevelt was also an expert in international affairs. Although he championed for a stronger and more powerful navy, he understood the American limits in her involvement, in international conflicts (Morgan, 2004). He believed in a poise of power between the world’s powerful nations as he saw peace as a recipe for stronger fiscal growth and stability. In the Monroe doctrine, he emphasized the American control of the western parts of the globe. Through this doctrine, he placed measures that would curb prying on the US by the European entities (Morgan, 2004).
President Taft assumed the reins of influence in 1909. Having been a “secretary of war”, he was experienced in dealing with global power brokers like Japan (Morgan, 2004). However, once he assumed authority, he broke away from the Roosevelt’s foreign policy of using military might to foster economic development. He focused on investments placed in distant entities. He encouraged Americans to invest in foreign countries where America had interest, notably the Far East. He believed that large foreign presence in the oversea countries would help forge appropriate coexistence among related entities. This led the massive foreign investments abroad and thus the name the “big dollar policy” (Morgan, 2004). His continued economic investment in China found paths into Japanese areas of interest. This annoyed the Japanese and led to the treaty with Russia to stop the provision of US goods from their markets. The single term that Taft served was short and characterized by massive economic progress (Morgan, 2004).
However, Taft lacked the balance of influence and sturdy headship drawn by Roosevelt on the international front. His strict nature created enemies both within the congress and within the republican groupings. Significant proportions of republicans perceived Taft as a timid individual. Such a notion together with constant infighting caused him the presidency in 1912 (Morgan, 2004). This means that Roosevelt ideologies were well designed and appropriate.

Morgan, J. (2004). Theodore Roosevelt the Boy and the Man. New York, NY: Kessinger
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