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ESSAY ONE - Firstly, what were the "Articles of Confederation"? Within the context of American political history, why is the document known as the ARTICLES OF CONFEDERATION considered such a major flop?
The Declaration of Independence was one of the most pivotal pieces of…
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Week 5 Essays
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"Week 5 Essays"

Download file to see previous pages The Declaration of Independence no doubt was vital because it united the colonists justified the reasons for liberation, and stated the salutary neglect that was enforced by the King.
The scene in 1776 during the meeting of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia was a very crucial one. The colonists have already fought many battles together yet were missing on the aspect of unity(“Purpose of the Declaration of Independence.”). The Declaration of Independence was vital as it united the colonists since many were reluctant to break away from their birth nation. Many wanted to compromise and mend the relations with Great Britain. The Declaration of Independence boosted the unity of the colonists and boldly stated the justification for the separation from a ruthless regime (“Purpose of the Declaration of Independence.”).
The new birth of a nation, independent from the British rule, was faced with new set of challenges. Undoubtedly, the birth of the new nation has no central government to replace the traditional statutory legislation of the British Parliament. Hence, issues such as commerce, trade, national security became vital issues. The members of the second had to take the obligation in the absence of a national government. The Articles of Confederation was a document that was supposed to define the separation of powers in both federal and state level. Since the Article of Confederation were adopted in March 1781, the government of the United States continued to enforce its federal powers.
One of the most critical aspects regarding the Articles of Confederation was the fact that it did not create a solid foundation of a central power. The Articles of Confederation lacked giving power to the central government and gave too much power in the state level. Without the federal government’s ability to raise revenue in order to fund projects, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Week 5 Essays Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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